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The Fingerprint Engraved Bands Craze is Here - Get Ahead of the Trend

Trends come and go, but once in a while, there’s one that sticks around. Take the fingerprint engraved wedding bands trend, for example. Although we’ve seen it rise from obscurity to being worn by celebrities, politicians, and regular folks across the country, it’s still going strong and growing in popularity (and not just among people who are getting married).
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Dreadlock Hair Accessories - 5 Trends You Should Watch Out For

Using and embracing dreadlocks in one’s personal or fashion life is becoming increasingly common as time passes, with many people choosing to wear their hair in dreadlocks regardless of their original hair type or texture (natural or chemically-processed). Dread jewelry, dread hair clips, and other types of dreadlock accessories are some of the hottest trends in accessories right now, as they allow people to embrace their natural hair while still adorning it with beautiful and stylish pieces made from precious metals and gems. Here are 5 trends to watch out for in this category in 2022. 1) Dread hair clips In 2022, expect a twist on-trend clips, though they’ll be designed specifically for dreadlocks. These will be clip-in or slide-on options that look and feel natural. You can get dread hair accessories in just about any color (to match your outfit) and they won’t damage your real locks like other accessories. Clips are by far one of the easiest ways to style your dreads, which is why we think it’s a trend you should watch out for in 2022. Dread…