How to dress in onions to look cool?

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In this beautiful but cold season that is winter, there are new styling suggestions. Elegant scarves, stylish coats, beautiful shoes and hats. In addition to the visual appeal, it is worth taking care that we were warm, and it is well known that the best way to do this is to dress on the onion. In our article we suggest how to do it, to keep stylish look.

What does it mean to dress on onion?

Wearing onions is nothing more than putting on several layers of different clothes. Now you may already associate the name because as we all know – onions have layers. If the garment you choose is loose enough, there will be an air-filled space between the different pieces that will protect you from the cold.

Can the onion be fashionable?

What is your first thought when you hear the word “onion”? If you are in the kitchen, you definitely think of a healthy vegetable with a distinctive smell, but if you are in the dressing room – you probably see a man looking comical. Related to this is the belief that we dress children in onions to keep them from getting cold. In fact, our moms probably didn’t pay attention to looking fashionable when dressing us this way, but that’s no reason for us as adult women not to do it!

The onion way of dressing doesn’t have to be conspicuous!

What if you like it warm but don’t want your outfit to have too many elements? Dress in onions, but in a way that only you know about! Start by wearing a strapless T-shirt. If it fits properly, it will cling to your body and provide initial thermal protection. Then put on your favorite T-shirt. It doesn’t have to be fancy because you’ll be wearing something else anyway. But make sure it’s made of a comfortable, warm material

You can wear a loose-fitting blouse over your T-shirt to cover up the previous pieces and add another layer. Finally, put on your favorite jacket or denim jacket, and a coat over that. Warm, elegant and comfortable styling created! You can also skip putting on a blouse and jacket and instead choose your favorite warm sweatshirt.

Is it possible to dress onions for a party?

The answer to this question is yes, but it won’t be easy. Party outfits are usually made of thin material that is meant to look good, not necessarily warm you up. But if you’re a cold-weather person, we have a solution – opt for a dress that’s not too tight-fitting and has long sleeves. Why? Because then you can wear one or even two T-shirts underneath. Put a jacket or denim jacket over your dress for extra protection.

Always remember a warm jacket and head protection

No method of dressing can replace a warm jacket and a hat. Even when you’re putting on multiple layers of clothing, remember that the most important thing is to make sure you have the right outerwear and headgear. We often forget about the latter or deliberately avoid it for visual reasons.

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