A black dress at a wedding? Has Adele introduced a new trend?

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For years there has been a belief that a black dress is not suitable for a wedding. Adele has shown that this is not true! Will she bring a change in wedding fashion?

For years it has been accepted that black is a color fit for funerals, not weddings. Many women stick to this rule, fearing that they will expose themselves to unpleasant comments if they come to the party in such a creation. Adele decided to defy stereotypes and appeared at the wedding of her friends Kevin Love and Kate Block in a beautiful black creation. It must be admitted that she looked phenomenal. In this case, Adele did not feel isolated when it came to the color of her creation, because at the request of the bride and groom, the guests were to come in white and black outfits.

Adele opted for a long, elegant gown with exposed shoulders and cleavage. She also chose black accessories and opted for expressive makeup. Such a creation will undoubtedly become an inspiration for many women who do not know what to wear for such an occasion. As the star showed – you can successfully bet on classic black.

main photo: unsplash.com/Trevor Buntin

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