Berlin Fashion Week – show in memory of war victims

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Ukrainian designer Jean Gritsfeldt cannot leave the country – because of the war, all men between the ages of 18 and 60 are not allowed to leave Ukraine. Nevertheless, the designer’s collection was presented at the German fashion week and its message echoed around the world.

Peace in Ukraine and around the world

Although the manifesto collection could not be presented by the designer in person, thanks to the help of Fashion Revolution Germany and activist Cherie Birkner, it could at least partially see the light of day.

Birkner managed to encourage a group of volunteers to sew simple garments based on Gritsfeldt’s designs that would reflect their original concept and color palette. The cut and aesthetics did not play a major role at the show – what mattered was the message that showed the face of the tragedy of war and called for action. Although the designer himself could not attend the show, his presence was marked by displaying his fingerprint in the background of the catwalk.

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