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Is SEO essential and how does it affect a clothing store?

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For several years we have been constantly observing the development of the e-commerce industry. Users more and more willingly decide to shop online, which they can do at any time and from any place.

San Diego SEO agency allows You to meet the expectations of consumers. It is important because more and more brands and retailers are opening their virtual “premises”. As a result, the number of online stores has increased significantly and their owners have faced a difficult challenge – how to stand out from such a large competition and come into the awareness of customers? SEO agencies are here, and they are the most valuable support You can get, for example SEO marketing Philadelphia. And this is where positioning comes to the rescue.

What exactly is positioning?

Usually when a user wants to find some product, service or information he uses a search engine. He enters the appropriate query, eg: “clothing store”, and the algorithm generates a list of sites that best answer the password. The higher on such a list a website is displayed, the better – this means that it has a greater chance of being visited by a potential customer and making a purchase. The goal of positioners and website owners is to achieve the highest possible position in search engine rankings, and positioning is a set of actions taken to achieve this goal. It consists of SEO, i.e. technical and content optimization, content marketing and link building. Let’s take a closer look at these elements in the context of running an online clothing store. Effective SEO comes with experts supporting our business for example San Diego SEO or SEO marketing Philadelphia. SEO companies from those regions can boast of the effects of their work. They are solid, responsible and experienced.

Apparel store positioning in practice

Technical optimization

The vast majority of users browse stores on mobile devices, so it’s a good idea to make sure that your site displays properly on smartphones and tablets. The overall structure of the site is also important, which in the case of a store is very extensive, and as a result, it is easier to overlook incorrect subpages and redirects, duplicate pages and other technical shortcomings.

Content optimization

In this area, the most important are keyword phrases, that is, the words that users will use to search for your store and its subpages. The biggest mistake is to position yourself only on short and general phrases that are searched most often, but at the same time are the most competitive, such as “women’s clothes”, “dresses”, etc. It is better to focus on long tail phrases, i.e. more precise queries – such as “summer cotton floral dresses” – and include them in headings, meta descriptions, subpage addresses or product descriptions.  

Content marketing

In addition to nice pictures and videos, it is a good idea to create interesting and substantive texts on a thematic blog. Such content will be readily shared by users, helping to promote your store. What is more, in this way you also build your image of a specialist in a given field, and in the texts you can put more keywords.

Link building is an important aspect of SEO. It  acquires  links to your store from valuable sources such as sponsored articles, social media, posts on forums and blogs. Do not take shortcuts and use so-called link farms – search engine algorithms severely punish such practices and your store may lose its position for months. However, Link building is time-consuming and a bit of a difficult process for seo-newbies, it indeed shows the effect of it work, which mostly is spectacular.

Advantages of positioning your store

Is SEO necessary? If you want your customers to find you and your store to bring in real profits, then yes! Imagine this situation. Let’s suppose that You’d like to promote your business in San Diego. The San Diego SEO agency is here! They know the region they operate in and will know how to make your store visible on the Internet. The site has a visually pleasing design, each product is described and accompanied by photos, prices are affordable, quality of goods – in a word, everything is perfect. However, the store does not generate profits, the traffic on the site is negligible, and visitors quickly leave and do not buy anything. Why is this? It does not mean that there is no demand for your products. Most likely, the problem is bad SEO optimization of your store. In practice, this means that it occupies distant positions in search engines and potential customers do not even reach it, ending their search on the first 10 results.

In the case of clothing stores, positioning is important because the competition in this area is really big and is not limited only to your location – the customer can shop in the store from any city, and even the country. Greater visibility of the site is a greater guarantee that the potential customer not only finds you in the search engine, but also decides to use your offer, but to achieve this state, it is recommended to cooperate with an SEO agency. SEO marketing Philadelphia might be a good choice . An increase in organic traffic to your site, especially when it is better quality traffic, improves the chances of conversion and increases your profits.

As you can see, SEO is a complex and time-consuming process. Fortunately, you do not have to do everything yourself. A detailed analysis of your store can be conducted by a Polish seo leader, who will develop the best strategy based on the data obtained.

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