Hotel under the ground? Such things only in Saudi Arabia!

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Saudi Arabia is famous for its wealth and skyscrapers. After conquering the skies, it was time for the underworld. The hotel to be built underground will be a tribute to the heritage of the region. Though it will not be surrounded by gold, but it will also not lack comforts and modernity.

The underground hotel is to be located in the Sharaan Reserve, more specifically in Al Ula, an oasis in the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia. The complex will have 40 suites, 3 villas, and will be powered by emission-free energy. Moreover, the hotel is also expected to be an attempt to resurrect a more than 2000 year old architectural heritage. This is when the Nabateans excavated the surrounding settlements in sandstone, and the originators of the project want to return to their roots.

The architect of the underground hotel is Frenchman Jean Nouvel. He, like all participants of the project, emphasizes how much respect he has for this place and wants to show its uniqueness. That is why the building will be carved in the rock, so it will perfectly blend with the surroundings and create a coherent and harmonious whole. What is more, the hotel will have modern facilities such as soft sofas, couches and armchairs, which will perfectly contrast with the roughness of the rocks.

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