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When we think of the world’s best restaurants, cities such as New York, Paris, Rome or Barcelona come to mind. However, these are not the only places where you can count on a meal to pamper your taste buds. Meet the world’s most underrated culinary cities!

Chef’s Pencil magazine prepared a list of the most underrated culinary cities in the world. For this purpose, 250 chefs and other experts were asked to evaluate less popular areas. Although Poland does not appear in the ranking, our neighbors are included. At the end of the article you will find a link to the full report.

What cities are in the top ten? The last place was taken by Naples. It was appreciated for fine dining, i.e. carefully selected, high quality ingredients and pizza. On the penultimate place was Montreal. Experts drew attention to its creativity and innovation. Eighth place belongs to Hong Kong, which secured it thanks to the insane street food. Next in line is the gastronomic capital of Norway, Bergen – the tasters were impressed by the seafood here.

The smallest city in the ranking, with only 186,000 residents, San Sebastian, delighted the jury with its diversity. It was followed by: Mexico City and Melbourne.

Third place on the podium belongs to Chicago, the second to culinary underestimated Budapest. First place, on the other hand, went to Cape Town – the city with the best local delicacies, fragrant spices and phenomenal fine dining.

Chef’s Pencil Report – Most Underrated Foodie Destinations in the World

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