Points of interest: the Louis Vuitton cafe in Osaka, Japan

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Exclusive brand Louis Vuitton debuted a few months ago with its first-ever restaurant and café. The new venues – Sugalabo V and Le Café V are located in the brand’s boutique in Osaka, Japan. Despite the conronovirus pandemic, the unique concept has received a lot of attention.

Noteworthy is the menu of the places, which were created at the initiative of the French fashion house. The author of the dishes is a famous chef – Yosuke Sugi. The Japanese is a student of the renowned French restaurateur Joël Robuchon. Café Le Café V, is located on the top floor of the store. There is a cocktail bar for customers, and delicious drinks can be enjoyed inside as well as on the outdoor terrace. The Sugalabo V restaurant offers a unique culinary experience. How do you like the combination of fashion and fine dining?

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