How to wear oversize clothes without looking fat?

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Oversize clothing is still fashionable. Both enthusiasts of comfortable, loose styles, as well as popular fashion bloggers like to wear them. How to create oversize outfits that suit your figure?

What is oversize style?

Most of us associate oversize style with loose, shapeless T-shirts or sweaters. However, these are not all the options available to us. You can also find oversize coats, jackets, blazers, shirts, dresses and even accessories such as handbags. What else is worth knowing about the oversize style? All kinds of contrasts work perfectly there. For example, a loose sweater will look best when matched with slim-fit pants or leggings. Fans of slightly more daring outfits may be tempted for a total look in oversize style

This is an excellent choice for all women who like to stand out from the crowd and attract attention to themselves. Unflagging popularity of oversize clothes is connected among others with their comfort. This makes them perfect as elements of sports or casual outfits.

How to adjust oversize clothes to your figure?

Oversize clothes can be worn by every woman, regardless of her figure type. They are successfully worn by plus size girls. No wonder – clothing of this type is able to effectively mask all kinds of body flaws. Slender girls with the help of oversize clothes can easily optically add a few kilograms. To clothes of this type do not look baggy and shapeless, just put a belt and tie it at the waist. This trick can be used for both sweatshirts and sweaters, jackets or dresses

How can girls with slim body shape emphasize their figure with the help of oversize clothes? Just juxtapose in one outfit a loose-fitting element and a slightly more fitted one. To emphasize shapely legs it is best to wear an oversize sweater and combine it with dark tights, leather belt and heeled shoes. It may seem that this type of clothing is only for young girls. Nothing stands in the way of mature women wearing them as well. They can complete their closet with oversize, elegant long shirt, sweater or wide-legged pants.

Oversize essentials

What clothes should not be missing in the closet of any oversize clothing lover? An absolute must have is a loose T-shirt. It is perfect for creating casual, everyday stylizations. We can choose both single-coloured and patterned models. Sweaters are also popular oversize clothes. They are perfect in autumn and winter season. They do not only look impressive, but also effectively protect against the cold. Another fashion must-have is the maxi skirt, whether tulle or flared. Long, wide-legged pants, wide, hip-covering jackets and ankle-length woolen coats are all on the shelves. When it comes to oversize accessories, this category includes wide-legged boots, tractor shoes and large, roomy shoppers.

When creating an oversize summer outfit, limit yourself to 2, maximum 3 loose clothes or accessories. In winter you may try to combine several oversize pieces of different colors, patterns or textures.

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