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To have beautiful and shiny hair, you need to take care of it from the inside. Proper diet and supplementation are the keys to success. However, these are methods, which do not work immediately. Fortunately, there are several effective methods that work directly on the hair and allow you to quickly get the desired effect

The Best Methods for Shiny Hair

If you want to achieve quick results, then a visit to a professional hair salon is recommended. Unfortunately, damaged hair can not be repaired in a few hours. When you have more time, you need to be systematic and be patient. Here are some effective methods to keep your hair shiny and nourished

  1. Washing Hair Properly

The condition of your hair is greatly affected by something as mundane as shampooing. First, the quality of the water and the amount of lime scale it contains has an impact on the appearance of your hair. Second, the temperature is very important. If you use tap water, which contains a lot of lime, it is no wonder that your hair is dull. If you use highly nourishing shampoos and conditioners and rinse them out, the beneficial ingredients in the cosmetics have no way of getting into your hair. There is one remedy for this situation: After every shampoo, you should rinse your hair in boiled or filtered water. What’s more, do not wash your hair in hot water. Unfortunately, hot water expands your hair’s cuticles, making it very vulnerable to damage. Finish washing your hair with a cool stream.

  1. Oiling Your Hair Regularly

The effective way to have beautiful and shiny hair is to oil your hair. It is important to be regular with your hair. Oil treatments leave your hair shiny, moisturized and visibly smooth. It also protects hair from harmful atmospheric factors. How Should the Treatment Look Like? Apply the chosen oil to your hair for at least an hour before shampooing. Rinse out thoroughly with water at a moderate temperature. Oiled hair often needs to be washed twice

  1. Use a Serum

Helpful in getting shiny hair are light oils or serums. Either of these products is efficient, as a few drops are enough to make hair visibly smooth and shiny. However, there is one thing you should keep in mind: Apply only to the ends of your hair. Otherwise, you may weigh down your hair too much and your hair will turn greasy faster

Home Remedies for Shiny Hair

There are also home remedies for improving the condition of your hair. This can be done very easily by using a vinegar or lemon rinse. They close the hair cuticles and effectively soften and add shine to the hair strands

  1. Vinegar Rinse

For this purpose, it is worth using apple cider vinegar, whose composition is completely natural. Making a rinse is very easy. Prepare two or three glasses of boiled water at room temperature (the amount of water depends on the length of your hair) and add one tablespoon of vinegar for each glass of water. Vinegar changes the reaction of water to acidic, so it has a beneficial effect on the hair. It should be used every time you wash your hair. In the shower, when the shampoo has been rinsed off, the final step is to rinse the hair with the vinegar rinse. It is recommended to leave the wet hair to dry naturally

  1. Lemon rinse

This is another very easy to prepare product, which is characterized by positive effects on hair. First of all, the rinse stabilizes the pH of the scalp, protects the hair from hard water, dry air and pollution. How to prepare the solution? To 2 liters of water, add 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. In this case, it is best to use freshly squeezed juice, but if we do not have time, it can be a ready-made product. After thoroughly mixing the solution, immerse the whole hair in the rinse for about 10-15 seconds. Then you do not need to rinse them, but let them dry

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