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Washing hair with water alone – a rescue for damaged hair. Does it work?

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Your hair is damaged and you are looking for the right care for it? Check out a global trend that has taken hold among hair geeks. It’s about washing your hair… with water alone! What do you think about it? Learn more.

Damaged hair – how to deal with it?

Hair is the ornament of every woman, and it’s no wonder that their poor condition is a source of worry for us. Dull, damaged hair looks unfavorable, which can really spoil the mood. On top of that, it’s hard to make them into some nice hairstyle. In search of ways to regenerate hair, most women like to go to the Internet, looking for advice from hair maniacs. They, in turn, have no doubt – it’s time for… washing hair with water alone!

Water Only is the way to dull hair!

WO, or Water Only, is a global trend that hair geeks are crazy about. It’s the answer for those of us who are fed up with toxic ingredients and look at every shampoo or conditioner composition with distrust. If what turns you on is nature… you know what to do. It’s time to test the Water Only method on yourself.

Advantages of washing hair with water alone

What are the advantages of washing hair with water only? The first is obvious – a big savings for your wallet. Professional hair care products can cost really a lot. Washing hair with water alone is a way to gently cleanse it, without the harmful effects of SLS-type agents, which can dry out the scalp. It’s also worth remembering that washing hair with just water is not a completely new method. Our great-grandmothers usually managed it this way. A hundred years ago, access to cosmetics was definitely less than today.

How do you wash your hair with water alone?

Start by brushing the strands very thoroughly. This is nothing new, because when washing with shampoos the pattern is similar. Then thoroughly wash your scalp and hair with warm water. Remember that it should be lukewarm, not hot. It is also important to massage the scalp. Spend two minutes on it.

Disadvantages of washing hair with water alone

It must be admitted that opinions on washing hair without cosmetics are mixed. Some girls were really satisfied, but there were also less optimistic voices. What are the downsides of washing hair with water alone? Dermatologists and trichologists usually approach this method with great reserve. Specialists emphasize that the sebum layer accumulating on the skin can eventually lead to hair loss. Water also has no chance of washing the hair as thoroughly as detergent. As a result, residual dust and dirt can still linger on the skin, something you’d certainly prefer to avoid. In addition, you need to keep in mind that the success of this method depends on the water you use. Hard city water may not be able to cope.

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