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Booster – what is it and what are its properties?

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In the offers of many cosmetic brands you can find a product referred to as a booster. Although after application it resembles a serum, its purpose is completely different. So what is a booster and is it worth reaching for it?

Boost from English means “to recharge” and boosters are a kind of recharging for the stratum corneum. In addition to effective protection against external factors and moisture loss, they also enhance the absorption of nutrients from other cosmetics. Boosters come from Asia, where they conquered the hearts of customers and have permanently established themselves in Asian skin care. Recently, these products can also be found in Poland. What’s more, many domestic brands add boosters to their regular lines. Find out why it is worth introducing them into your skin care.

Boosters – application and properties

Cosmetics referred to as boosters have been available on store shelves recently. Their presence on the market was noticed by Polish female customers who were interested in this cosmetic novelty. The initial interest in the new product quickly turned into adoration. Why?

Boosters are highly concentrated, modern cosmetics with a simple formulation that not only improve the absorption of active ingredients from serums or creams, but most importantly enhance their effect. Thanks to this they can not only work in the deeper layers of the skin, but also significantly improve the effectiveness of care products. What is more, they perfectly protect the skin against external factors, as well as the loss of moisture.

When reaching for a booster, it is worth getting acquainted with its properties and intended use. A highly concentrated formula of the product may not be suitable for sensitive skins or those prone to allergies. In this case you should buy a booster dedicated to the needs of your skin.

Who should use a booster?

These cosmetics are ideal for people who have problems with maintaining proper skin hydration. They are also perfect for improving its firmness or elasticity. People with problematic skin should also reach for a booster. It will enhance the effects of serums or creams targeted to problematic skins.

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