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6 cosmetics you should have in your make-up bag

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A handy make-up bag can save the life of many women. It will come in handy at work, when going out with friends, on a date, on a trip… in fact, everywhere. To make it easier for you to pack your cosmetics, we suggest 6 cosmetics that you should have in it.

SPF cream

The first thing you should never forget is an SPF sunscreen. It protects your skin from harmful rays, thus preventing skin diseases as well as wrinkles. Also, remember that the sun is always shining, not just in the hot summer. Even if you can’t see it from behind the gray and heavy autumn clouds. That’s why it’s so important to use sunscreen all year round. Apply it in a thin layer about every 3 hours. Also choose one that will not clog pores due to its light consistency. Protective sunscreen should be used by everyone, but if you’re a fan of tattoos or chemical peels, SPF is a must-have item on your beauty list

Foundation or concealer

You should also pack a foundation or concealer in your makeup bag. It will come in handy if your makeup wears off after a few hours or if you want to cover up an imperfection. It often happens that they appear suddenly and ruin your make-up. When this happens, you’ll thank yourself that you brought concealer with you. Also take a clean makeup sponge in your makeup bag to make sure you don’t transfer any bacteria to your face. The website will certainly help you in choosing your foundation.

Blotting papers

Something every owner of oily skin should have in her make-up bag – mattifying blotting papers. Thanks to them you will collect the excess sebum from your face without having to remove your make-up. All you have to do is take one blotting paper and press it gently against your face. It is a small and lightweight item for your makeup bag, and it can work wonders. With blotting papers, you can enjoy smooth skin and perfect makeup for hours


It’s also a good idea to put something fragrant in your makeup bag that you can spray on to freshen up your scent. However, perfumes are too big and too heavy, and body mists don’t last long on the skin. So what should you choose? Perfume bottles, such as those from, would be an ideal option. Thanks to these tiny vials you will be able to enjoy your favourite fragrance all day long.

Make-up remover wipes

Every makeup bag should also include something to remove makeup, such as wet wipes. There are many times when something will smudge and you will want to touch it up. That is why it is a good idea to always have something with you to remove your make-up.

Moisturizing lipstick

It’s also a good idea to have a moisturizing lipstick with you, as lips dry out even more in the fall and winter seasons, so it’s worth taking extra care of them. Also, wearing matte lipstick for a long time can make your lips dry. It does not look aesthetic and it is very unpleasant. So choose a lipstick that will help you avoid this. The role of a moisturizer can also take a classic cosmetic petroleum jelly, which will beautifully smooth the lips and make them velvety soft.

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