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This blush trick will slim your face and add a girly touch!

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Natural-looking cheekbones without a mask? Yes, it’s possible, and not with bronzer a….róż! Find out what draping is all about!

The famous facial contouring made famous by Kim Kardashian and her sisters seems to be going out of style. Lacking skill and skill, many women ended up with an unsuccessful, exaggerated, caricatured face. Nowadays, naturalness and delicate emphasis on the qualities of beauty begin to dominate in the train. Therefore, not only many ordinary women, but also stylists begin to reach for draping, or contouring with a blush. This one is not only easier to use, but also the effect is more natural. What’s more, it beautifully highlights the cheekbones and can take a few years off your face.

Draping – how to do it?

To do the makeup you need two shades of pink. The tone has to be the same, but the intensity of the color has to be clearly different. Use a brush to apply the light blush to your cheekbones and lightly stroke over your temples and chin. Then take the darker one and apply it on your cheekbones slightly lower than the lighter one. Finally, blend the two shades together and you’re done!

Have you guys tried draping yet?

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