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How to choose blush and how to apply it?

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Blush is a product that should be in every woman’s makeup bag. Properly selected and properly applied, it is a guarantee of a fresh, healthy blush. How should I use blush? In today’s entry we present a handful of practical tips related to this issue.

How should I apply blush?

Contrary to what you might think, you should not smile when applying blush. The moment you change your face, the blush will be in a completely different place than it should be. What’s more, smiling causes wrinkles to deepen and new ones to appear. Blush can only accentuate them unnecessarily.

How do I apply blush? A soft brush with flexible bristles is best for blush application. Recommended brushes are round top, flat top, angled tip or teardrop shape. Make sure your blush brush has upward-facing bristles, which are tapered and rounded at the end. This allows you to comfortably apply your favorite cosmetic at different angles. A brush with side-cut, rounded bristles will be perfect for face shaping. The flat and slightly rounded ones are designed for applying loose blush, and the diagonal ones – for shading and contouring the face

This type of cosmetic accessory can also be successfully used for applying bronzer. The most common type of blush is powder blush or powder blush. However, there are also many enthusiasts of cream cosmetics. It is best to apply these products with your fingers and then blend them with a beauty blender, i.e. a small sponge.

How do I apply blush step by step? First apply blush to the cheeks and then blend using a clean brush or transparent powder. Blush should be applied in the center of the cheek, above the bronzer. Do not make a blot of color on the front of the cheek, right next to the nose. Women who want to give their skin a fresh look should apply blush in the center of the cheek. If you want to create a stronger contouring effect, apply blush in the direction of the ear.

Contrary to what you might think, blush can be applied not only to the cheeks. You can apply blush to other parts of the face such as the forehead or the tip of the nose. This is a proven way to achieve a natural, holiday look, just like after sunbathing on the beach.

How do I choose the perfect blush?

How do I choose the perfect blush? There are several key factors to consider, including the shade, intensity, pigmentation, finish and formula. The ideal blush is one that matches your skin type as well as other makeup elements, such as lipstick. Those with fair complexions and cool beauty types should look for pink shades with light intensity. Women with warm and peachy complexions will look best in slightly warmer tones such as salmon, coral or peach. Girls with darker skin tones should opt for blush with a touch of bronze

What blush works best for me? You’ll want a blush with light to medium pigmentation. This is the best way to give your skin a fresh look. Blushes available in stores may also differ in their finish. Cosmetics with shine and shimmering particles are ideal for summer. They look perfect on tanned skin or on women with dark complexion. In winter you can opt for blushes with a matte finish. When it comes to the formula of such cosmetics, we can deal with loose, powdered, pressed or cream blushes.

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