Multifunctional cosmetics – a new beauty trend

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More and more people are becoming interested in conscious skincare. It is fashionable to limit the number of products used. If you like minimalism, try out some of our multifunctional cosmetics!

A useful trend for the vacations

Cosmetics with many uses are very useful for people who travel a lot. Even if our dressing table is full of novelties, we cannot fit everything into our suitcase. In this case, the latest trend proves to be very helpful. By reducing the amount of cosmetics, we will take more clothes and shoes with us for the trip. During a trip we usually have less time to do a full makeup. Also, we cannot take too many products with us. Multifunctional sticks, hydrolats and oils can easily fit into a handbag. And they can come in handy while you’re on vacation. If you are going on vacation, be sure to check them out!

Minimalist skin care

Companies with natural cosmetics offer lotions in a stick. This product will serve as a face cream, body lotion and as a rescue for dry areas. It perfectly moisturizes and softens irritated skin. In addition, this cosmetic can be used to regenerate lips, hands or cuticles on the nails

Various types of oils are also multifunctional cosmetics. You can use them, for example, to remove makeup. They are also used as a separate product for face and body care. In addition, oils are used in hair care. When added to a mask, they enhance its effect. They can also be used on their own as a hair oiling product. They are perfect for protecting the ends from mechanical damage. In stores with natural cosmetics, you will find plum, almond and jojoba oils. There are many versions, so be sure to test them and find the right one for you

Another such cosmetics are hydrolats. You can use them for face as well as toner. They are also useful as a refreshing mist. Depending on the type, this product soothes irritations, moisturizes or helps fight imperfections. It is often used as a hair care ingredient or rinse. Hydrolats are also used in creating DIY cosmetics. When added to a homemade clay mask, they enhance its effects. Some of their versions are suitable for sunburns. They can be used as a soothing compress on the skin. An example is rose hydrolate or chamomile hydrolate. It is best to match these cosmetics to your skin and hair type

Makeup with multifunctional cosmetics

One of the latest trends of 2021 are cosmetics that have multiple uses. Examples include cream blushes and different types of sticks. You can use them for cheeks, lips and as eye shadow. They are versatile and give the face a healthy look. Because of the finish, they add a glow to the complexion. In addition, thanks to the use of a single product the makeup appears consistent

For the same purpose, you can use palettes and contouring sticks. The bronze color is useful for highlighting cheekbones and eyelids. With these products you can create a trendy and light make-up look with a glow effect. If you like to experiment, try matte lipstick as an eyeliner. You can use it to make lines for evening makeup. You need a small, slanted brush for this. Then you can make both lip and eye makeup with the lipstick. Remember that such a lipstick must be liquid and solidified. This version of the cosmetic will make you enjoy a perfect make-up for a long time. This method will also work well for the artistic version of makeup and for various makeup

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