The most effective ways to hide fatigue

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An all-night study, a party or a lot of problems on our head – then we will not look our best in the morning. How to effectively hide the signs of fatigue?

We do not always present ourselves in the morning as we would like. It is enough that we lie down later, drink some alcohol, have a lot of stress – the reasons for not sleeping can be really many. Then in the morning in the mirror, instead of a radiant complexion, we will see bags under the eyes, the skin will be gray and noticeably tired. How to hide it? We check out the best methods!

Hide fatigue… with the right outfit!

Few people know that the color of clothes makes it possible for us to somewhat hide the signs of fatigue, and certainly to divert attention from it. You can liven up your face with an outfit, just wear a bright top, shirt, blouse, sweater or scarf. A top in soft pink, turquoise, blue or orange will also work. Experts recommend to give up on that day clothes in shades of purple and green, which only emphasize fatigue.

Nothing helps as much as a cold shower

There is no better way to stimulate than a cold shower. The skin also looks much better after it. Even washing your complexion with cool water is already relieving and energizing. After washing your face, gently pat it dry and apply your favorite cream.

Masks can work wonders

Masks can also be helpful, and in just a few minutes they will make the skin stop being gray and dull, become radiant and look much better. You just need to apply it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is best to reach for special masks for tired skin or those with vitamins that nourish the skin. 

Massage with ice cubes

If you want to get rid of puffiness on the face and bags under the eyes, then a massage with ice cubes can also be helpful. Use the cubes to massage the face for a few seconds. People with very delicate skin, prone to irritation, can put the cubes in a clean towel or cloth.

Homemade parsley tonic

Homemade cosmetics can really work wonders. If you want to mask fatigue on the face, it is worth preparing a tonic from parsley. All you need to do is chop a bunch of parsley and pour a glass of boiling water, then steep for 15 minutes. Later pour the infusion into an atomizer bottle and put it in the refrigerator. All you have to do is spray it on your face and paste the cream, and your complexion will glow and look much more rested.

Peeling with honey and almonds

It’s also a good idea to make a scrub that adds radiance to the skin. To do this, mix half a tablespoon of honey with finely ground almonds and add to this 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a few drops of lemon. With such a concoction, we perform a massage of the face, neck and décolleté for several minutes. We leave it for a few minutes and rinse with lukewarm water, and there should be no trace of tired skin!

Tea bags can also help

For a tired and puffy face, tea bags can also help. After brewing the infusion, keep them in the refrigerator and, if necessary, put them on the eyelids for about 5-10 minutes. After this time, the skin around the eyes will be noticeably younger and more radiant. 

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