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What methods can be used for eyelash extensions?

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The methods you can use to extend your eyelashes are quite numerous. Some of them focus on adding volume, others on emphasizing the look. We present a few of the most popular methods loved by beauty salon clients

Eyelash extension methods give various effects. Each of us will also like a slightly different method. So find out what methods of extension are currently the most fashionable.

1:1 styling

1:1 styling is a classic method of eyelash extensions, which involves attaching one false eyelash to one natural eyelash. Thanks to this the final effect is extremely natural, and the eye is subtly emphasized. The main purpose of this method is to lengthen, curl and darken the lashes, but it does not give a thickening effect. It is a great choice for people who appreciate naturalness. It will also work great for women who have their natural lashes quite thick. Remember, however, that with this method as well as any other, you need to learn how to take care of false eyelashes

2D or 3D volumising method

2D and 3D methods, which add volume to the lashes, are also extremely popular. They involve sticking 2-3 artificial eyelashes to one natural lash. This method is also designed to beautifully curl and darken the lashes. The effect is spectacular but still remains quite natural. These lightweight volumizing methods are the most frequently chosen eyelash extensions by clients of beauty salons, because they suit practically everyone.

Kim Camellia method

A fairly new, but extremely popular method of eyelash extensions is the Kim Camelia method, which is a Kim Kardashian-inspired eyelash glue-on eyelash highlight. It involves sticking shorter and longer eyelashes alternately, so as to achieve the effect of delicate teeth. Thanks to this the eye opens gently and is beautifully emphasized. This effect is despite appearances quite natural – after all, the natural lashes do not have the same length either.

The Cat’s Eye Method

This is a method which is used for many volumes – both the delicate 2D ones and the more pronounced ones such as 8D. The idea here is to make the lashes at the outer corner of the eye much longer than the one in the middle and inner corner. This gives the effect of an extremely sensual look reminiscent of a cat eye. It is a great option for women with naturally long eyelashes because in this case the lashes are glued only at the outer corner

Other ways to get long lashes

If you do not want to decide on permanent eyelash extensions, you can also choose other methods, such as false eyelashes on a strip or glued clumps, which will look as beautiful and impressive as eyelashes extended at the salon. Such false eyelashes can be easily stuck on and taken off and their beautiful look and aesthetics last for many hours. It is therefore an ideal choice for big outings and events such as prom, New Year’s Eve, prom or wedding. Just as in the case of permanent extension methods, you can choose different lengths and volumes to beautifully emphasize your eye. Additionally, if you take proper care of your strip lashes, they can be a reusable product. All you have to do is gently wash them with a micellar liquid and store them in a box so they don’t deform.

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