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What to do in the summer in the city?

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If summer, then only at the beach? Not necessarily! Do you want or need to spend your vacation in the city and are wondering how to spend this time in an interesting way? Check out our tips, and you will not lack attractions.

Vacations in the city – there is no boredom!

The hottest months of the year do not necessarily have to be associated with going out of town. In the heart of a busy metropolis you can also feel the vacation atmosphere. What’s more, a vacation in the city means a lot of entertainment! If slow life is not for you and you appreciate city attractions, this way of spending vacations will be perfect for you. Some people have no choice but to spend their vacation in the city, others simply choose to do so. Both can count on a great time. Check out our ideas for city vacations!

Get to know your city – feel like a tourist

How about looking at a well-known city through the eyes of… a tourist? You don’t have to go to any European destination to discover something new. Chances are you don’t know the city you live in very well, especially if you live in a big city. Especially if you are a resident of a large city. Take a moment to do some online research to find interesting places in the area. Slow summer days are a great time to go hiking. Many cities also have guided walking tours. Maybe this is the case for your city too and you will have a chance to learn more about the place you live in? You might be surprised how many secrets and… great places to take pictures!

Concerts and other local events

This is what we love vibrant cities for. There is no shortage of concerts, festivals, workshops and fairs in the summer – vacations are a great opportunity for this type of activity. A concert on a summer evening has its own unique charm, especially because later you can also go out on the town, to the restaurant gardens, to relax a bit with friends. See if any celebrities come to your city during the summer months – maybe there is a festival? Such an event is a great opportunity to hear lots of interesting artists and meet new people

Picnic in the park – this is it!

Want to do something unconventional? Something you don’t do every day? Have a meal in a city park. You will also need a blanket. You can prepare your favorite dish or, to save yourself the trouble, grab something to go from your favorite pub. The proximity of such places is another big plus of living in the city! Such a picnic will be a great idea to spend time with family, friends or alone. If you have a dog, for example, your pet will certainly enjoy spending time together.

Go to a restaurant

It’s also worth going to your favorite restaurant or, on the contrary, maybe it’s time to discover a new place? I’m sure there’s somewhere to eat in your town that you haven’t been to yet! Social media will surely tell you what to do and how!

A bike is always a good idea

In the afternoon, when the sun is less hot, think about a bike ride. It’s a great way to see the city and it’s a physical activity that’s always a good idea. You can burn some extra calories and have a good time at the same time. A bike tour can also take you outside the city. We love these ideas for a free afternoon!

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