Fashion capitals. How does the style of New York, Paris, Milan and London differ?

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New York, Paris, Milan and London are the fashion capitals of the world. Many people wonder what the style of the inhabitants of these famous metropolises actually differs from each other? Let’s find out!

Fashion in New York

New York fashion is famous for its modern solutions – mainly due to the lack of centuries-old tailoring tradition. It is here that Fashion Week begins, during which we can admire the latest collections of top American designers, such as Carolina Herrera and Calvin Klein. When it comes to street style, it is very diverse and there is no single, dominant trend. Residents are famous for their relaxed approach to fashion – going out in pajamas to get a newspaper or coffee in a cafe is not surprising

Fashion in Paris

Paris is a cult place, fashion Mecca, where Fashion Week ends. Here we can admire the collections of excellent fashion brands such as Chanel, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier. How do the people of Paris dress? French fashion style is nonchalant, girly, simple and elegant at the same time. In the closets of Parisian women reign timeless cuts of clothes made of high quality materials. Classic colors and cuts make French women admired for their extraordinary taste and chic throughout the world – regardless of age and figure, they always know how to look attractive and tasteful. It is worth noting that France was the first country in the world to build an industry around fashion, which was very innovative thinking.

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Fashion in London

Another unique fashion capital is London – this multi-million dollar metropolis is a nod to the avant-garde. David Koma, Burberry Prorsum, Victoria Beckham and Erdem, among others, present their collections here during the world fashion week. The style of Londoners is strongly influenced by the presence of subcultures, especially punk. Although there is no shortage of influences from the royal family, which many people are inspired by. For example; Duchess Kate’s creations are always widely commented and arouse strong emotions in women. The style of Londoners is a mixture of extravagance, classic, fantasy, grunge and vintage.

Fashion in Milan

Milan is a city well known to all fashion fans. It is here that the third week of Fashion Week takes place, during which we can admire the latest collections of Versace, Fendi, Max Mary, Moschino, Roberto Cavalli and Trussardi. Milan is home to some of the most popular Italian designers – Giorgio Armani and Dolce and Gabbana. How do the people of Milan dress? Street fashion in Milan is all about elegant outfits and branded accessories, the city’s residents like to invest in designer shoes and watches. It is often in this city that we can see trends that are picked up by the whole world in the following months!

We hope that our article will encourage you to visit one of these fashion capitals – not necessarily during Fashion Week, but at any time of the year. Only then will you really feel the atmosphere of a given city and see with your own eyes how its inhabitants dress.

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