Denim jacket – what to wear it with?

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It has already become a classic closet item. It can be worn in many different ways. We have prepared examples of styles using the denim jacket

Paired with white pants

You can wear this outerwear piece with white colored pants. This is an interesting combination. This is a solution for more daring people because not everyone feels comfortable in bright shades. You can match white jeans with different cuts of pants. Straight or flared legs will look good. It is better to go for higher waist because it makes your silhouette look better. Wear this style with sporty shoes. For a more elegant version choose high heeled shoes. You can opt for an unobvious color for your denim jacket, for example gray or black. This is also a great version for summer, because then you reach for slightly lighter shades

Holiday version

For summer styling, choose this type of jacket for a cotton dress. It will work for slightly cooler days or for evening outings. It is advisable to have something to throw over your shoulders in case the weather gets worse. Jeans jacket will go well with openwork or guipure dresses. It will be a stronger element of the style. It will break up the delicate finish of these items of clothing. It will create a good contrast but it will also fit perfectly. Match it with trendy sneakers. Sandals and flip-flops are also suitable for this look

Boho style

The denim jacket also goes well with dresses and floral skirts. There are many styles and cuts of denim jackets available in stores. You will find many of these clothes in mini versions in chain stores. Then go for a slightly longer jacket, in a larger size. This will create a casual style. The jacket also goes well with midi or maxi dresses and skirts. The floral pattern is a boho style element. It is also characterized by casual cuts and light and airy materials. It goes well with denim jackets in different colors. You can opt for a white version, for example

Urban look

The most versatile version is the one combined with black jeans. It is good if they have high waist. It is a safe choice. It is most often seen on the streets. Denim katana works well for everyday urban stylizations. It will be useful for evening outings, to throw it over shoulders when it gets colder. This jacket will break up toned down bottoms. You can easily match it with any darker outfit. You may also choose wide fabric pants or a classic black dress. You may match this outfit with accessories of almost any style. If you want to stay basic, opt for white sneakers. Oversize jackets are ideal for everyday looks. Especially if the lower garment elements are close to the body. This combination gives a relaxed and casual look

Denim total look

Here is a version for the more daring. Combine a denim jacket with pants or a skirt of the same material. You can mix and match these pieces in different colors or shades if you are afraid of overdoing it. A denim katana looks good with boyfriend pants. You can combine it with a white T-shirt and classic sneakers. An interesting option is to match a black denim skirt with a light jacket. It is worth experimenting and finding the best style for you. Remember that you must feel comfortable in it. This total look is not an option for everyone.

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