Leggings – making a surprising comeback! How to wear them?

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Some ladies are convinced that leggings are a decades-old model. Nothing more misleading. They have an amazing history, and their greatest popularity was in the 80-90s of the 20th century. Now they are again a real hit. Who fits this element of clothing?

Leggings again return to the street and are a fashion hit. And all thanks to Christine Center – fashion director of the Australian “Vogue” and founder of the brand Wardrobe NYC. However, the current styles are very different from those of several decades ago.

Fascinating history of leggings

Few garments have such an interesting history as leggings. Certainly many lovers of these fitted pants will be surprised by the fact that leggings, or more precisely their prototype, i.e. leggings, were already worn in medieval Scotland. At that time they were two pieces of material, which reached the hips and were worn separately. They were tied at the waist so that they would not slip. Leggings were worn by men back then – mostly military men. Over time, they came to resemble today’s leggings

For hundreds of years, leggings were only worn by men. It wasn’t until the 19th century that this piece of clothing began to be worn by ladies as well. In the mid-20th century, leggings made their way to Hollywood. The pants, which fit tightly to the body, quickly gained popularity. This was due to the style icon of the time – Audrey Hepburn. Millions of women in the world modeled after her. No wonder that leggings quickly displaced the previously popular capri pants. A dozen or so years later, a model with lycra appeared, which we know today. This cut was in turn promoted by an actress, singer and dancer – Debbie Reynolds. Leggings with a high waist, often very colorful and patterned, were a hit in the 1970s. Shiny and neon-colored styles were worn by fashion lovers in the 1980s and were promoted by Madonna herself, who wore them with short skirts. Cher wore them to the “Night of 100 Stars”. And Jane Fonda decided to promote them as the perfect outfit for fitness. And it must be admitted that successfully – today most women can not imagine exercising without comfortable leggings in the sports version, that is, seamless, made of pleasant material

At the end of the 20th century, leggings were worn in combination with tops and stilettos – Cindy Crawford herself wore them this way

Leggings fashionable today

Currently fashionable are leggings with an elevated top and long legs that fall on the feet. This cut is promoted by the best fashion designers. We can see them on the profiles of famous influencers, often world-famous stars appear in them (e.g. Bella Hadid). This cut of leggings can be worn with this season’s fashionable chunky boots and boots. They look great with a shirt or oversized jacket. They can be worn not only for everyday wear but also for more formal outings

Stylists encourage to create various combinations. Classic leggings will look great with a leather jacket, trench coat, thick sweater or chiffon blouse. These tailored pants really allow for many combinations. For example, Pernille Teisbaek wears them with a thick, bright sweater and high-heeled sandals. The Australian Vogue editorial director also likes to combine them with double-breasted jackets and loose T-shirts.

In recent seasons, leggings made of artificial leather have also enjoyed great popularity among fashion lovers. This model looks great in elegant stylizations e.g. in combination with a white shirt, jacket and stiletto heels. This look is suitable both for work and for formal meetings.

Interesting cuts of leggings can also be found in the offer of Le 17 Septembre, Low Classic, at Isabel Aran or in chain stores. They can be plain, with interesting texture, original cutouts, patches or decorations.

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