Why did we love the style of Copenhagen residents?

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Scandinavian style impresses with its minimalism and simplicity, in which lies the real strength. However, is it the only thing that their fashion is based on? Let’s find out what we so loved the style of residents of the Danish capital and other Scandinavian women for!

Scandinavian style – does minimalism still rule there?

Although we still like to think of the style of Scandinavian women residents as something inherent in minimalism and economy of colors and patterns, we have to admit that things have changed a bit there! Copenhagen residents are very keen on playing with different patterns and colors, playing with trends as skillfully as few others. Wanting to understand their outlook on fashion, just look at the Scandinavian influencers. These girls definitely know how to combine patterns and colors, even the very conspicuous ones. Minimalism? Yes, it’s still on trend, but with a bit of fashion spice at its best!

Copenhagen residents and their style

What you have to admit to the Danes is that above everything else, quality counts for them. That’s why they’re probably quicker to decide to buy one more expensive item than five poor-quality ones that will only be useful for one season. They have a smart approach to this issue already encoded, and nothing promises to change. Because why should it? We support this point of view as much as possible. Environmentally friendly fabrics, timeless cuts and clothes that can be freely combined with each other. This is how the style of Copenhagen residents can be described in a nutshell. Although they like fashion craziness, timeless clothes have a special place in their hearts and closets.

Playing with classics is always a good option

Classics are something worth having in your closet, because it’s good to break it up from time to time. And this is exactly how the best solutions are created, which will take your breath away! It is also worth noting that the residents of Copenhagen like to put comfort above all else. And very well, because the times when women dressed in uncomfortable clothes just to please someone are irrevocably gone. Fashion is supposed to serve the man, not the other way around. 

Danish style – what is it like?

As we mentioned earlier, in the style chosen by Danes there is no place for impractical solutions. Comfort provided by natural materials and functionality are the basis. In the closets of Copenhagen residents there is no room for clothes that will be worn only once. Or at least there is very little of this space. Concern for the environment, but also the desire to reach for great quality products for the long term – this drives them.

Break patterns like a girl from Copenhagen! 

Typical for Dunek, playing with established schemes is something we love and we don’t mind transferring it to the Polish backyard. Sometimes juxtaposing seemingly mismatched items of clothing with each other gives an effect so fantastic that you may be surprised yourself. Try doing this a few times and we guarantee you’ll get screwed! So, what do you say, will you follow in the footsteps of the residents of Copenhagen?

main photo: unsplash.com/Thom Bradley

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