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Watches will never go out of fashion, whether it is a sports watch or a luxury watch. Even if there is a timer in our cell phone, it cannot compare to the refined elegance of an exclusive watch.

Suddenly, controlling the time becomes exciting. But it’s not just a way to keep track of time. High-end watches are a significant investment and a valuable acquisition. Don’t forget that luxury watches are also a lasting symbol of taste and prestige. A top model presents impeccable workmanship. It is a testament to engineering tradition and technology for hundreds of years. In fact, the best watches are miniature works of art.

A reflection of lifestyle

By wearing a watch, you can also join a truly exclusive club. After all, these are the things worn by presidents, Hollywood stars and members of the royal family. But how do you choose a luxury watch that suits you? Choose traditional and complex, like men’s watches, or more innovative and avant-garde women’s watches?

Regardless of practicality, we are all distracted by the latest supercars, but this “attraction” rarely ends successfully. The same goes for watches. Think carefully about your lifestyle and clothing style: a large watch on a strap or bracelet of the same size may be eye-catching, but may not be appropriate in most situations where you intend to wear it. A sophisticated steel chronograph is the right focal point for everyday wear. It is also worth creating an unusual style – a gold evening watch on a patent leather strap can surprisingly enhance your style.

A universal adornment for different occasions

Women have much more freedom than men when it comes to choosing a watch for an outfit. Watches are jewelry for us and just like it, it fits different styles and can emphasize or change their character. Even gold and silver watches on jewelry bracelets can be worn every day and not only on holidays. They will beautifully emphasize professionalism of an office outfit or elegance of an evening dress, while they will add chic and class to casual look with jeans.

By far the most common women’s choice is an analog watch. It is the most elegant and has the most jewelry character. It is much easier to match it with an outfit. Digital watches feature a large digital LED display and have a modern or sporty look, making them a suitable choice for informal and casual occasions. However, even among such watches there are models that look elegant at the same time. They look great on a gold or silver bracelet. A very stylish solution is a black dial.

How to match a watch with an outfit?

However, if you are looking for universal tips on how to choose this accessory to your outfit, there are a few rules to follow. Watches on thicker bracelets go perfectly with an elegant shirt or a jacket in a work outfit. Models on thinner, jewellery bracelet are perfect as decoration and finishing touch to feminine outfit with dress or skirt. It will work for everyday, for a date or even for a party. The most casual proposals are the one on a fabric strap. They look perfect in informal, everyday situations, such as a walk or shopping. You can even wear them with jeans and sneakers

Accessories will make the choice easier

A watch should match the rest of your accessories, especially your jewelry. This is especially important if you decide on a bracelet rather than a strap. The most popular materials are gold, silver, titanium and platinum. Crystal-studded, shiny or matte envelopes are available. If you want a uniform style, it is necessary to match the metal case with the strap. When choosing a model for yourself, take into account whether gold or silver predominates in your jewelry collection

In case of professional styling for work, it may even be important to match the watch to your shoes or belt. It’s a good idea to match them so that the colors of all the pieces are similar or work together

Choosing a watch for…your figure

If you are a slim girl with delicate wrists, a heavy, large watch will completely cover them, and this may look unfavorable. The same thing is the other way around. Keep your body shape in mind when choosing a watch. If you are a shapely woman, a massive metal piece will not be the best option. Choosing a watch is similar to choosing a dress – it needs to fit to look stylish.

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