What to wear for a winter car trip? Does clothing for the driver matter?

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Let’s immediately answer the second question posed in the title of the article: yes – as much as possible clothing matters for the driver who drives a car, especially in the winter season. Find out why and what to pay special attention to in this context.

Driver’s clothing – why is it important?

Perhaps you treat your car very task-oriented. You need to get from point A to point B, so without thinking much, you grab the keys, sit behind the wheel and set off in a particular direction. However, if you have the opportunity, take a moment just to think about the clothing you intend to drive in. This is far more important than it may seem on the surface. Especially in the winter season, when for obvious reasons we move around dressed in more layers and more items of clothing and accessories.

Above all, your clothing should provide comfort. Mainly on longer routes you can’t afford additional distractions. The sheer fatigue of a long distance behind the wheel is a factor in your safety or driving speed. Add to that clothing that restricts movement, causes sweating, or is problematic for any other reason – and you’ve made a significant mistake in your preparation for driving. With experience behind the wheel, you need to know how to choose each piece of clothing for the conditions on the road and in your surroundings.

Have confidence that you are avoiding trouble with your attire – just as you insure yourself with additional policies to be ready for any circumstances on the roads. An example is a minicasco package – insurance for a variety of damages. It can come in handy in the winter, so browse the offers on https://kalkulator-oc-ac.auto.pl/ranking-minicasco-wybierz-najlepsza-polise/.

Top tips for winter – what to (not) wear?

Check out some tips to make your winter car journeys more comfortable.


On colder days, a thick down jacket or a long, warm coat seem to be the best outerwear for winter. Unfortunately, they can restrict your movements – much more so than standard sweatshirts or even sport jackets, the popular “windcheaters.” So it’s best to take off your outerwear for the duration of the drive and at the same time make sure that the interior of the car is pleasantly warm for you as soon as possible.


Cotton gloves do more harm than good, as your hands may not be able to control the steering wheel effectively enough. We do, however, recommend special tactile leather gloves for drivers, but they are definitely more expensive than the standard, cheap cotton models.


Heat escapes from us largely through our heads, so it’s important to protect them from the cold. That’s all well and good, but when you’re driving in winter weather, it’s the interior that should keep you nice and warm. It’s better to take off your hat when you’re driving, as it can fall on your eyes when you least expect it, or reduce your visibility.


Snow outside the car window? Beautiful view, but it can cause problems behind the wheel. This is because the sun’s rays reflect intensely off snow-covered surfaces, so you need to protect yourself from their strong stream. Not only in summer, but also in winter it is worth having sunglasses with you. More interesting information and insurance offers for drivers can be found at https://kalkulator-oc-ac.auto.pl/.

Photo by Demeter Attila from Pexels

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