Tonic or hydrolate? Which product is worth betting on?

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More and more women are doing multi-step conscious skincare. The task of a hydrolate or tonic is to restore the natural pH of the skin after washing. This makes it smooth, soft, properly moisturized and ready to accept a cream or serum. But are the two products different? Which one will work for you?

Both products have similar properties and care tasks. They are supposed to balance the pH of the skin, remove residual impurities from the pores, as well as soften, moisturize, and prepare the skin to receive richly nourishing products. So what are the differences?

Tonic is a liquid cosmetic in which we find plant oils and extracts, active substances and fragrances, vitamins, glycerin and also preservatives and dyes. However, avoid products with denatured alcohol, which can over-dry and cause irritation.

Hydrolats can be used alone e.g. rose water, lavender or horsetail – these are 100% natural and obtained in the process of steam distillation. In the analogous process also essential oils are obtained, thanks to which the product has strong care properties and can be an ingredient of many other cosmetics. Hydrolats perfectly moisturize and soothe irritation.

The tasks of both products are similar. They are to restore the proper pH of the skin, thanks to which they effectively protect it against irritation. Hydrolats are slightly more delicate, more often appear in form of mists and have more natural compositions. When using a tonic, it is common to rub a cotton ball over delicate skin, which can cause irritation.

It’s important to find a product that meets your expectations and you’ll be happy to reach for, as both toner and hydrolate play an important role in your daily skincare routine.

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