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What care properties does silk have?

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Silk is undoubtedly a noble fabric, and clothes made of it evoke luxury. What is more, it is also beneficial for skin; because of its delicacy, but also because it can be an ideal ingredient for many cosmetics. So what is hidden in silk?

Silk consists of elastic protein called fibroin and amino acid sericin. The former shows strong water binding properties. It does not penetrate deep into the skin, but protects it against moisture loss even in its deeper layers. Sericin, on the other hand, acts as a kind of cement and ensures that the silk fibers are bonded together. It is what makes the skin smooth, soft and firm.

Owing to the above mentioned properties, silk is a component of many face, body and hair care cosmetics. It is especially recommended in the fight against signs of skin aging as it perfectly moisturizes and retains moisture in the epidermis. What’s more, it smoothes wrinkles and makes them less visible. It also soothes and brings relief in case of irritation, redness or even skin diseases. Thanks to clinical tests conducted for DermaSilk, it has been shown that silk can be a non-pharmacological treatment for people with atopic skin. It also improves the quality of the epidermis in people with sensitive skin and those struggling with eczema.

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