Do you miss summer? Sign up for cycling….in water, or hydrospinning

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Do you miss cycling in autumn and winter? Do you dream of feeling a bit of summer? There is a way to do it – sign up for hydrospinning. Sound mysterious? We explain what it’s all about!

Cycling, but in a different way

If you associate the pool mainly with swimming, you probably don’t know about the various opportunities it offers. For example, one very popular activity is water aerobics, which attracts people of all ages. Not only is it fun, but it also gives very good results! 

And just hydrospinning is a combination of aqua aerobics and stationary cycling. Sound intriguing? And rightly so, because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a great activity that will especially appeal to people who miss cycling during the cold months.

Hydrospinning – what is it?

Hydrospinning is also known as hydrocycling. Although this discipline was created recently, it already has a following. It is simply riding a bicycle submerged in water, in a pool. The bike is positioned in such a way that the water covers almost the entire human body – except for the head and possibly the arms.

This makes the activity a combination of sport and relaxation

Biking in the water – who should take advantage of it?

For whom will hydrospinning be an ideal activity? In fact, it is a discipline that can interest quite a few people, both younger and older. And it is the latter group that should definitely try their hand at cycling submerged in water. For the elderly, both aqua aerobics and hydrospinning are really interesting suggestions that can significantly improve fitness and well-being. On top of that, it is an activity that does not put serious strain on the joints.

Advantages of hydrospinning – why is it worth it?

Hydrospinning, like any physical activity, has a positive effect on our body. This sport really has a lot of advantages! It is enough to mention, for example, that this type of training can improve the cardiorespiratory system. In addition, it strengthens muscles and stabilizes joints.

If you are particularly concerned about weight reduction, hydrospinning is a good choice. First of all, because it is an anaerobic dominant physical activity. What does this mean? The main source of energy used during exercise is muscle and liver glycogen. In this case, once we finish our workout, the body continues to burn calories. Sound good? It’s certainly worth a try.

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