A diet based on blood type. Cheryl Cole follows it!

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Each of us wants to have the best figure possible. To gain and maintain the desired weight, we need a proper diet. One of them is a diet consistent with blood groups. See what are the benefits of such a diet and what rules to follow depending on your blood group.

On the red carpet we always see stars with smiling faces, perfect make-up and hairstyles. Many of them boast about the diets they follow. Cheryl Cole is following exactly this diet, according to her blood type.

Benefits of a diet based on blood type

  • Weight loss,
  • improved metabolism,
  • increase immunity,
  • improved digestive function.

Food products can have different effects on each of us, so it is important to choose the right products. Apart from losing weight, a very big advantage of such a diet is the improvement of your well-being.

Blood group 0

People with this blood group have problems with digesting dairy products, but they digest meat and fish well. They may have problems with blood clotting. They are characterized by a fast metabolism.

In the case of a diet compatible with this blood group, the intake of nuts should be limited, gluten and dairy products should be eliminated from the menu. It is advisable to follow a high-protein diet with low carbohydrate content. Frequent physical exercise is also recommended.

Blood group A

People with this blood group are characterized by a sensitive digestive system, which does not cope with the digestion of dairy products and animal protein. Therefore, their diet should be low in such proteins. They can consume grain products and plant proteins without problems. Excessive blood clotting, as well as water retention in the body and a tendency to respiratory infections may occur with this blood group.

To implement a diet compatible with blood type A, it is advisable to eliminate meat, and eat plenty of seeds and nuts to supplement protein. Elimination of stress and balanced exercise are also recommended.

Blood type B

People with this blood type have no problems digesting any type of food, even dairy, which is a problem for other groups. Therefore, the best and healthiest will be a varied and balanced diet. Weight gain can be caused by corn and peanuts, for example. To reduce stress and maintain a healthy weight, people with blood type B should remember about moderate exercise.

Blood group AB

The diet for people with this blood group is a combination of elements from the diets for blood groups A and B. It is worth eating both dairy products and cereals. Most of the products that are not recommended for these groups are also not recommended in this case. People with AB blood group are susceptible to infections, have difficulty in digestion, and have a tendency to blood clots.

A diet compatible with this blood type involves avoiding a large intake of red meat, as well as corn and wheat. Such a diet should be balanced, and the consumption of legumes should be limited. It is also important to take care to relieve stress. The best type of exercise will be exercise and outdoor sports

Whether you choose to follow a blood group compatibility diet or any other, remember that moderation is important in everything. Any major change in the meals you eat is worth discussing with your dietitian. It is also important that meals be regular. Make sure you stay hydrated and keep moving

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