Short shorts. How to wear them in the city?

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Do you ever wonder how and what to wear short shorts with? Don’t know what to wear to go with them for different occasions? Here’s how to wear them

T-shirt? Leave it at home!

Although the safest option is to combine a simple T-shirt and shorts, it won’t work for a big night out with friends. Let’s leave comfortable, worn-out T-shirts at home – they will definitely work there. When going out in shorts, make sure the top of your outfit is more elegant. Putting on a shirt with interesting patterns or a blouse in this season’s most fashionable pastel shades, we will get an eye-catching effect. Even the simplest short shorts can get a second life if you match them with an original, interesting top

Accessories and accessories are your allies

Because of how versatile short shorts are, they can sometimes look boring. But their versatility is also a plus, as you can match them with many different accessories to spice up your outfit. On warm days, sandals are a good choice, whether with heels or platforms. Don’t forget about jewelry – every outfit will benefit from matching accessories. If our clothes are kept in minimalistic style and subdued colors, nothing stands in the way of going crazy with jewelry – the most fashionable thing this season is handmade jewelry (braided or made of beads), but classic, silver or gold will do just as well. Having jewelry in mind, let’s not forget about sunglasses – on hot, sunny days they will not only be a fashionable accessory, but also protect our eyes

What shoes to wear with shorts?

In this case, the answer is simple – any. It all depends on your individual style, where you go out, the weather, your taste… The aforementioned sandals will be the perfect option for the hottest days, and their choice in stores is huge – from laced, through platforms, to the returning back in favor of sandals with Velcro straps, which, contrary to appearances, also fit into less sporty outfits. The downside of sandals? They won’t work for cooler days, night returns or rain. So what can we wear with shorts? A trendy option are sneakers – especially those with a platform or colorful. Besides looking glamorous, they are very comfortable and versatile. Combining sneakers and shorts does not mean that you have to dress sporty – depending on the chosen materials and colors, you can get a surprisingly elegant effect. Another classic choice are sneakers – they suit everyone, regardless of age and, like sneakers, are very comfortable. They’re also perfect for any weather!

And which shorts to choose?

The choice is yours. There are countless styles and materials, as well as colors and patterns. Each one has its pros and cons – for example, denim shorts can sometimes look tough or be too thick for hot days, while fabric shorts can crease but look more chic. It all depends on your tastes and preferences – decide for yourself which short shorts suit you best!

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