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What to wear to the office in the summer?

BERLIN, GERMANY - JUNE 23: Aline Kaplan is seen wearing dress orange: Bec & Bridge, creme white Blazer : Ivy & Oak, beige bag Aigner, sandals Zara on June 23, 2021 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)
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Every company has its own dress code. The appropriate dress of employees affects the positive image of the workplace. In this text we will provide details on how to choose clothes for the office

In summer, wear to the office first of all clothes made of light and natural materials. Cotton, viscose, silk or linen will do here. It is worth that clothes made of these fabrics also have a synthetic addition. Then you can avoid unsightly wrinkles. For the time of high temperatures, resign from black. During hot weather it is better to wear lighter colors. Black may appear in your outfit as an accessory

Dress code at work

People who hold positions of responsibility are expected to dress appropriately. How we are dressed is an element of nonverbal communication. Dress code has a big influence on how other people perceive us. You send an important message to the world with it. Although we want not to be judged by our appearance, it is often otherwise. So it is worth dressing neatly and elegantly for work. We should also not forget about our comfort, which should be the most important. Especially it should be taken into account in summer, when temperatures are higher

When choosing summer clothes for the office, base on a capsule closet. Buy basic pieces and create different styles from them. The items you should have are shirts and blouses made of good quality material, classic cigarillos, a blazer and a minimalist dress. It is also worth choosing comfortable and decent shoes. You can buy them, for example, at There you have a large selection of shoes that will be perfect for work in the office. Elegant sandals are a great option for summer days

Neat clothing is associated with professionalism. Your outfit should be tailored to how often you see people outside the company. The first style that applies in some offices is smart casual. It combines casual and elegant. For example, it can be a combination of jeans and a blazer. It is also a composition of a shirt with loose cotton pants. For men, polo shirts will work well here. Another style is business. It is more demanding than the first one. A suit is then a standard for men. Women can also wear it. More often, however, they choose an appropriate dress. It is important that the clothing is clean and well ironed.

Styling Ideas for the Office

Modern offices are often air-conditioned. It is easy to catch cold then. If you wear a lighter dress, take something to put on your shoulders. Stiletto sandals are good summer footwear. They will go well with midi dresses, which are very trendy this season. They are suitable for different occasions. With an elegant handbag they will create a strong business look. These shoes will also go well with a women’s suit. You can also match them with wide pants, because they are extremely universal. For the office, go for styles in muted colors

Flat heeled sandals will be a good option for many women. They will add some casualness to elegant clothes. Above all, they are comfortable and you can last all day on your feet in them. If you work in a place with a casual dress code, match them with light jeans and a white shirt. This minimalistic style looks great and always works. It is timeless and classic

Platform sandals are also a comfortable option. They go well with dresses of different lengths. You can also match them with midi skirts and wide pants. A decent handbag is a must-have accessory. You should bet on a model that will last for many years.

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