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How do I use a makeup base?

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A makeup base is extremely important if you want your makeup to look flawless and last for hours. We’ll tell you how to choose it and how to use it so that it meets all your expectations

Why is a makeup base important?

You should always use a makeup base. Whether you’re getting ready for a big night out and wearing full makeup or applying light makeup on a casual day, it will help your complexion look perfect. The basic function of the base is to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, reduce enlarged skin pores and, above all, to fix your make-up. It will come in handy especially on extremely hot or steamy and humid days, preventing your makeup from running off. As you can see, the base is extremely important for perfect makeup. However, it is worth remembering that every skin is different and therefore has different needs. However, the offer of cosmetics is so rich that you will surely find something for yourself, and an online drugstore will help you How to choose a base so that it is perfect for you?

Choose a product adapted to your needs

When choosing the right make-up base, first of all you have to think about your skin type. If you have an oily complexion, a mattifying base, such as a gel base, will be the best choice. This cosmetic is very light and does not leave a film on the skin. It reduces the visibility of pores and prevents makeup from weighing down. Another option is a silica base, which is also a great mattifying and smoothing agent. But remember not to use it too often as this can lead to dehydration

If you are an owner of dry or normal skin, the most suitable product will be a brightening and highly moisturising base. It will give your skin a natural glow and prevent a cakey look after applying foundation. If your skin is very dry, you can opt for a base with hyaluronic acid and antioxidants such as vitamin E.

On the other hand, for acne-prone complexions and those prone to imperfections, a soothing and smoothing mineral base will be the best choice. If you want to cover discolorations, a coloring base will also be beneficial. For redness and broken capillaries, a green or mint-coloured one is perfect, and for bruises under the eyes and a sallow complexion, a delicate peach tone is ideal

If you have a complexion with wrinkles, it is worth opting for a silicone base. It smooths the skin almost completely, making it extremely smooth. Keep in mind, however, that this is a rather heavy product that clogs your pores, so you should only use it on special occasions

How to use a makeup base to make your makeup look perfect?

For makeup to look good, it must have the right foundation. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a few skincare steps before applying your makeup. Start by cleansing your skin with a gel or a gentle foam cleanser. Next, wash your face with a toner – remember that you should use a toner after every contact with water to restore your skin’s natural pH. The next step is to apply a serum tailored to your needs. When it is completely absorbed, you can apply a cream. On such a prepared facial skin, confidently apply your base and makeup.

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