Russian volume: hit or miss?

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Do you dream of seductively thick and long eyelashes? Do you want to add a unique character to your look? Do you like to stand out from the crowd? It’s quite possible that russian volume will be perfect for you! Check out this season’s hottest trend!

Who wouldn’t want thick and long lashes? After all, almost every one of us stocks our makeup bags with all sorts of mascaras, which are supposed to give our hair volume and length. Not infrequently we also reach for false eyelash extensions or visit a beautician to enjoy thick and long hair a little longer. However, there is now a trend, Russian volume, which can be seen more and more often on the streets of Polish cities, as well as in social media.

Russian volume is based on a specific kind of attachment, because in effect it creates a very lush fan of eyelashes. They are not only extremely thickened but also lifted up, creating a truly dramatic look. For sure, such a look cannot be passed by indifferently, and each of the ladies gains a unique character.

How do you like the russian volume look?

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