How to get rid of cellulite? 5 rules

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Every woman is afraid of cellulite, whenever she can she hides it under her clothes. However, with the advent of the spring and summer season, the nightmare comes to light again. What to do to get rid of it once and for all?

The problem of cellulite affects almost every woman. The wrinkled skin of the thighs by its appearance resembles the surface of an orange, which is why it is also known as orange peel. It is nothing else than fat compacted vertically under the skin. Therefore, it usually appears where the body most eagerly accumulates fat, that is, on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, in some people it also appears in the shoulder area. To effectively get rid of cellulite, start using the 5 great ways that we have prepared for you

Does diet affect cellulite?

Of course it does! As the saying goes, you are what you eat, diet has a huge impact on how our bodies function. Consider if your diet contains a lot of fiber. If not, follow an anti-cellulite diet based on eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, in addition, do not forget to introduce whole grain products; they are rich in fiber, which helps to cleanse the body of toxins. This will prevent lumps from forming under your skin, which are responsible for the formation of cellulite

There are a few products that are said to be anti-cellulite – such as asparagus, broccoli and exotic fruits such as grapefruit, pineapple and lemon. Products that you should definitely avoid in order to get rid of cellulite are all those with the so-called high glycemic index; highly processed, saturated in unhealthy animal fats and high in sugar. So definitely exclude fast food, sweets and fatty meats. You can find inspiration for interesting dishes on vegan portals, so that the diet will be for you a reward, not a torture!

What effect does drinking water have on cellulite?

Complement your diet rich in fiber will be drinking water! Trivial? And how effective! By increasing your water intake, your body will begin to faster get rid of excess fat, the one responsible for the formation of cellulite. Therefore, proper hydration of the body is an essential element in the fight against cellulite. If your body is not properly hydrated, it stores water, which promotes the accumulation of fat. Perhaps you have been following a healthy diet and exercises, but still you could not get rid of cellulite. You probably did not drink enough water. To encourage your body to get rid of unwanted fat, start drinking one liter of water per day for every 30 kg of body weight. With water, cellulite will begin to disappear on its own!

How to exercise to get rid of cellulite?

Unfortunately, cellulite is often accompanied by overweight. These two ailments go hand in hand. Therefore, to get rid of cellulite, also get rid of excess weight. Exercises will certainly help you with this. Find one that you enjoy. You can go for long walks, go to a fitness center, swim, dance, do yoga, ride a bike, whatever comes to your mind. Preferably several times a week. Stimulate your muscular system into action and burn fat! You’ll be surprised how great it works to supplement your diet with even the smallest movement.

Can massaging cellulite help?

Massaging stimulates blood circulation, so it helps to break down fatty tissues. That’s why massaging is a great addition to the fight against cellulite! You can do anti-cellulite massages yourself at home to go to a professional studio. They are not the most pleasant relaxing treatments, but very effective. It is best to perform massages immediately after a workout, when your muscles are still warmed up, coffee grounds are great for this procedure, just remember to throw the grounds in the trash, otherwise you can clog the pipes

What effect do clothes have on cellulite?

It would seem that they do not. And yet! Get rid of tight clothes as soon as possible. Too tight clothes interfere with proper blood circulation, which promotes the formation of cellulite. Remember our 5 rules and you will be ready in time for the summer beach!

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