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How to use highlighter properly?

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Makeup is supposed to improve the appearance of our complexion and highlight our beauty. A great product that can easily cope with these two tasks is a highlighter. It is a cosmetic which is perfect for face contouring, gives the skin freshness and finishes the whole make-up with a stunning glow effect

Make-up, with which we use a highlighter, will give our skin a more youthful and fresh look. It is worth having it in your make-up bag, because the application is very simple and the effects are perfect. Highlighter placed in the right place can work wonders. Our eyes may immediately appear larger, cheekbones beautifully exposed, and the face gains a symmetrical appearance. Illuminating the skin has many advantages, which will be useful both when we make up for daytime and evening makeup. Highlighter is one of those products that performs many tasks, but most of all it takes care of your face so that your skin is radiant and your make-up is beautifully finished. If you still have doubts, we suggest how you can use highlighter in your makeup

How and where to apply highlighter?

Applying highlighter is not a difficult or complicated activity. But it is worth knowing a few rules, thanks to which using this product will be child’s play

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What to keep in mind when using highlighter

  • The most important thing to remember is that highlighter should be applied to the areas on your face that you want to highlight
  • There are different products available on the market to illuminate the makeup. You can choose a loose highlighter, a cream highlighter, a stick highlighter or a cream highlighter. Its shade should be matched to the color of our skin
  • Adding a highlighter to your foundation will make your skin look more radiant and rested
  • Highlighter can be a great way to finish your makeup and give your skin a glowing effect

7 places on your face where you should apply highlighter

Under the eyebrow arch

Here, highlighter is perfect as an eye-enhancing treatment and to improve the shape of our eyebrows. You can apply it before you start your eye makeup. This way the eye area will be slightly illuminated and the look more expressive.


Highlighter is a great product for contouring the face. Just apply some product on your cheekbones to highlight them beautifully. This treatment, combined with bronzer, makes the face look slimmer and more symmetrical. Multidimensional makeup is a hit in recent months


More and more makeup artists are recommending illuminating foundations. This product will work for both young people and women with mature skin. Highlighting makes the skin look radiant and youthful


When applying highlighter to the chin, the aim is to optically enlarge the lips. It is recommended to do this step at the very end, when the whole make-up is ready, so we know how much product will be sufficient

Inner corner of the eye

Highlighter can be a lifesaver after a sleepless night when signs of tiredness are visible on your face. Dark circles and sleepy eyes can be turned into a sparkling and fresh look in just a few minutes. For a radiant look, apply an illuminating concealer under your eyes and a touch of concealer in the inner corner

Cupid’s bow

Want to give your lips a magnified and alluring effect? Apply a small amount of concealer in the hollow above the lip line called the cupid’s bow. This will help your lipstick color stand out more

The bridge of the nose

Highlighter is a great product to make our nose appear slimmer and more subtle. Simply apply a small amount on the back of the nose and blend downward. The effect will be even more pronounced if you apply a darker bronzer to the wings of your nose

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