How has the pandemic changed the interiors of our homes?

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2020 was an unusual year in many ways, and that’s obviously because of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve spent most of our time indoors, so the inside of our homes have changed, too. In what ways

People confined within four walls were able to verify, among other things, the appearance of the interior of their apartment and adjust it to a remote lifestyle, because for many people apartments have also become places of work. Thanks to this turn of events, some of us realized what we wanted to change in our apartment. So how has the pandemic changed the interiors of our homes?

Home as a multifunctional space

Our proverbial ‘four corners’ have started to function as offices and schools, and adjusting interiors to new needs has resulted, among others, in an increase in searches for ideas on practical combinations, such as cabinets and desks (called ‘cloffice’) or dividing rooms into smaller spaces with bookcases. According to the authors of a report prepared by the American social network Pinterest, the pandemic may have a significant impact on reducing the fashion for the open room, and doors or partitions will play a large role in homes and apartments.

Wood in the kitchen and tableware in plain sight

According to Pinterest users, the pandemic will also affect kitchen trends, as wood will come into play in kitchens. We have usually used different kinds of boards for cutting or serving cheese, but now the trend will gain momentum and we will also serve breakfasts and desserts on wooden trays. However, the popularity of wood will not make the plates, cups or glasses land on the bottom of the cupboard, because the elegant, by some called “grandma’s” tableware will once again return to favor. Cupboards and display cases, i.e., furniture that we associate with the family home, will also triumph again

Contemporary minimalism in interiors

Have you heard about Japanese style? It is a combination of Scandinavian minimalism with a Japanese element. People during the pandemic have fallen in love with this trend. Japandi is a hybrid of both trends (Japanese and Scandinavian) and the effect of minimalist approach to thinking about space arrangement. When decorating an interior in the japandi style, we focus on a maximum of three colors, such as beige, gray, black, broken white or related earth colors. What is important is that when arranging japanese style interior, we limit the amount of trinkets in favour of low furniture, but of very good quality. They are usually made of natural materials: wood or bamboo. When arranging an interior in this style, we should choose furniture which will serve us for many years.

Furniture made of easy-to-clean materials

Maintaining proper hygiene at home has also gained importance. According to many interior designers, the consequence of the pandemic will be the production of furniture made of easily cleanable materials and having antibacterial properties. People have also started including trash cans and hand sanitizer dispensers in their list of “designer” gadgets for the home because they have become an important part of everyday life, so they want to permanently incorporate them into interiors. The pandemic may also permanently affect bathroom design. Designers believe there will be an increased demand for smart toilets. Automatic cleaning taps, which we now have only in some public toilets, may become a fixture in many home bathrooms.

More vegetation in interiors

With the ongoing pandemic, people have started looking for indoor and patio plants to enhance their well-being. The longing for nature during the total lockdown made monsters, ficus, serpentines, succulents and cacti quickly become part of interior design. The trend for greenery in interiors was started by designers and big design magazines, but bloggers and influencers quickly picked up on it as well. Nowadays, practically no apartment is already without plants.

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