Hobbies that will keep you calm

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Nowadays, we often forget how important it is for our balance to allow ourselves to slow down a little and take a moment for ourselves. Find out what you can do in your free time to quiet your mind and relax your body

Deadlines, meetings, a million things on our minds… who hasn’t experienced that? But very often we forget to find a moment for ourselves in this whirlwind of responsibilities. Find out what activities will help you to calm down and clear your mind.

Why is tranquility so important?

Let’s start with why calming down is such an important part of our day. First of all, it allows us to maintain mental balance and significantly improves the comfort of our lives. Studies show that people who regularly devote time to hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, mood swings and depression. In addition, by choosing activities that help you calm down, you allow yourself a momentary break from the noise of the world around you, which is extremely important. In this day and age, we are constantly overstimulated, which negatively affects our ability to concentrate and our overall well-being. So give yourself a break and devote at least a few minutes a day just for yourself

Yoga – the best way to calm down before going to sleep

After a whole day on your feet or in front of a desk your body and mind are incredibly tired and tense. That is why it is worth to spend even several minutes in the evening on yoga. Thanks to it you will get rid of tension and calm down and clear your mind. Before going to bed (or just when you need a moment of rest) the best practice is Yin yoga or Nidra yoga, but you can also opt for a slightly more energetic session on the mat.

Yin yoga is a slow and very calm practice that allows you to relax not only all your muscles, but also your connective tissue, joints and ligaments. This means that after a few minutes of practice you will feel incredibly relaxed. Nidra yoga is a technique of deep relaxation. Its main goal is to achieve a state of complete relaxation, well-being and connection with your inner self.

Taking care of yourself creatively

A brilliant way to calm down is also to spend time creatively. Allowing yourself to have some artistic fun from time to time and exploring your creativity without an imposed framework is a great idea to refresh your mind. This doesn’t mean that you have to become a professional painter or singer right away, though – it’s important that what you’re doing simply makes you happy. Creative projects such as painting, making music or simply playing an instrument and singing, sewing, arranging flower decorations, or any other manual and creative activities are one of the best ways to get away from everyday stress. Painting by numbers is also an interesting idea, and all the necessary supplies for this, such as canvases with numbers, paints and brushes can be found at Artnapi. However, remember to give up excessive self-criticism when you create something. The inner critic often makes us give up on things we enjoy, just because we’re not the best at them. Forget about it when you’re spending creative time alone with yourself and just enjoy the activities you’re doing.

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