Timeless style of the Spanish monarch – we take a look at the best styles of Leticia!

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Britain’s Princess Catherine is not alone when it comes to excellent style among royals. Leticia, Queen of Spain, is also famous for her excellent taste. Check out her best outfits! Some of them can be a real source of inspiration.

Can modern princesses and queens be fashion influencers? Officially, certainly not, but the truth is that they definitely set trends. All it takes is for Kate Middleton to appear in public in a certain style, and all her pieces disappear from stores in a flash! Another trendsetter seems to be the beautiful Queen Letizia, wife of Spanish ruler Philip. The former journalist boasts an impeccable figure and a fashion sense that can only be envied. Or maybe not envy, but inspiration?

Classic, but on-trend

Queen Letitia’s style is close to “ordinary” women, mainly because she is able to skillfully combine designer clothes with closet items straight from chain stores or very similar. Although court etiquette is something the monarch has to observe, the aura in sunny Spain means that she can sometimes be seen even in mini dresses. Above all, however, Leticia’s style is characterized by the fact that she relies not on heavily elaborate clothing, but on trends close to many of us!

Airy midi and maxi

Queen Letitia definitely knows how to style light, airy dresses. However, she is particularly fond of not only maxi length, but also midi. The monarch most often chooses creations in solid or fine patterns, although sometimes she allows herself to go more crazy. Most often she opts for pastels or earthy colors, but sometimes she also reaches for intense colors such as super-fashionable fuchsia or orange. Favorite dress cut? It’s definitely the emery dress. 

Espadrilles and stilettos

This is the type of footwear that Leticia chooses very often. Espadrilles, whether flat, on a platform or on a heel, are an element of her closet that is constantly present in her styling. And it must be said that no one is particularly surprised by this, as it is most appropriate to the weather in Spain. It must be admitted that they skillfully add some lightness and casualness to any styling. If the queen opts for stilettos, they are usually those with an open heel. Fashion is supposed to be practical, and Letizia is certainly aware of this.

Elegant pants and jackets

The wife of Spain’s King Philip is also very keen on feminine suits, or simply cigarette-type pants and elegant shirts and blouses. Her outfits are sometimes reminiscent of the style of a modern businesswoman – whenever it is appropriate to the situation. 

main photo: unsplash.com/Albert Jarod Ibay

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