Buying clothes for a baby – what to look out for?

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We want to provide the best for our children. When choosing children’s clothing, it is worth taking into account several factors. In this article we tell you what to look for when shopping and how to recognize that the materials used to manufacture children’s clothes are of high quality.

Comfortable to wear

When buying clothes for children, it is worth considering practical considerations first. Clothing should guarantee the child comfort and freedom of movement during the performance of daily activities, as well as provide him with thermal comfort. Soft and warm clothes are especially recommended for learning and playing tracksuits for girls and for a boy. Remember that the child’s skin is very sensitive, so the clothes should be made of carefully selected fabrics, which have the appropriate certificates and have been tested for safety.

Composition of the materials

High quality girls clothes should be characterized by original design, as well as good quality materials used in production. When buying, it is worth to pay attention to the composition given on the label. Many substances from materials that the child is wearing, can be absorbed through the skin and cause various types of allergies. Especially artificial materials, in which the skin cannot breathe and in which there is a risk of heavy metals on the fabrics, are a big danger. Therefore, the best for the child are materials of natural origin, which are anti-allergic and gentle for sensitive skin

Polish production

It is worth supporting local producers and Polish brands. This allows not only to reduce the carbon footprint, but also to appreciate the native design. With our consumer choices we can support the brands that care about the situation of the people employed and the state of the environment. Often small, family-owned companies are a better choice than large corporations that use outside factories and outsource the entire process. In the RebelKi online store, you can find manufacturers who rely on good fabrics and a reliable sewing process.

In case of buying clothes from Polish producers, you can be sure that they pay a lot of attention to the proper selection of materials, as well as to the finishing. In the case of Polish children’s clothing, designers take care of every stage of their creation. Fabrics used for production remain healthy for children’s skin, are soft and breathable. Many things available on the market are artificially dyed with very harmful substances that can cause allergies. In addition, cheap children’s clothing, as it soon turns out, can not last too long and easily tear, wipe, and various applications or prints can come off at the first wash.


The visual aspect of clothes is also very important. Children’s clothes should appeal to both parents and children. Especially if you are looking for an elegant styling for special occasions, which will emphasize the importance of the celebration. Sophisticated outfits, such as boys’ suit or an outfit for a girl, should be a combination of aesthetics and functionality. It is worth choosing clothes, which stand out in terms of color and design, and their wearing gives the kids pleasure. It is worth buying timeless clothes for children, but keep in mind that children watch the fashion of adults and also want to follow the latest trends.

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