Oversize blazers as worn by trendsetters

PARIS, FRANCE - JULY 07: Xiayan is seen wearing pink blazer, cropped top, prada bag, denim jeans outside Zuhair Murad on July 07, 2021 in Paris, France. (Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)
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The oversize jacket is an item of clothing in which every woman can look great. Trendsetters know all about it!

The blazer for women is a real hit!

If you only think of blazers as masculine garments, you definitely need to make up for it! Women love it… and so do they. Women’s blazers look fantastic. They look great when matched with elegant clothes, but can also be used for casual outfits. How does this relate to the recent trend for oversize clothing? Jackets in this style are a fashion hit. Check out how trendy girls wear them!

The oversize jacket – we love it

The secret is that an oversize jacket looks as if you took it straight from the men’s closet. That is where the charm lies! Unforced chic is something we love. It is possible to look stylish and casual – of that we have no doubt. A loose jacket will look great when matched with a skirt or dress, as well as with pants. There are plenty of models on the market, e.g. checked, striped, plain or multicoloured. Subdued, striking – that is how oversize blazers are so varied. That is why we like them so much.

A loose jacket for every occasion

What do trendsetters love oversize blazers for? First of all for the fact that such a piece of clothing can be worn for any occasion… and no occasion at all. It works well both when you want to look elegant, as well as when you plan to be casual on that day. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian have opted for oversize jackets. These ladies know their fashion – after all, each of their outfits is styled by the world’s best stylists. Princess Meghan, whose style is admired by everyone, also likes to wear oversized blazers

The oversize jacket and jeans are a great combination

Are you looking for a way to style an oversize jacket? Just match it with jeans. This combination definitely ‘does the job’! You have a lot of freedom with this combination. If you wear a T-shirt and sports shoes, you will look very informal. You can also bet on an elegant blouse or shirt and stiletto heels – it will give a totally different effect

Oversize jacket and smart pants

Are you looking for a really elegant outfit with oversize jacket? Simply match it with smart suit pants, which may even be in a different color. You will also need stilettos or heeled sandals. Such a set will be perfect for work, a party or an elegant reception. The current trends are clear – a set with an oversized jacket and stylish accessories can look good even at weddings, christenings and communions. It is an interesting alternative to dresses, which have so far been considered the most elegant option. We are glad that fashion gives us such possibilities!

A women’s jacket is a comfort and a great look!

Everyone wants to feel comfortable and stylish in their outfits, and an oversize jacket is a guarantee of that. It is an element of clothing, which should find its place in every woman’s closet, as it suits every occasion and perfectly complements styling. If you like to experiment with trends, this is an option for you. It is also worth to go crazy with accessories and feel like a real trendsetter. Did you know, for example, that Maffashion promotes fashion for oversized cuts? Today, everyone can feel like a fashion blogger and impress everyone. Supermodern oversized jackets can be bought both from designers and chain stores. You can also find them in second hand stores. Less waste is in right now!

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