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Different faces of denim. See how we are wearing it this summer

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Denim has been a hit for many years, but it keeps changing its face. How will we wear it this summer?

Over the past few decades we have had the opportunity to get to know the different faces of denim. We must admit that when it comes to denim, it is never monotonous or boring. There is a reason why a few decades ago our parents dreamed of jeans from pewex, and a denim katana was even something unattainable. Today, fortunately, we can buy a variety of clothes made of this fabric and in a variety of variations, cuts and colors. What will we wear this summer?

Among the pants, mom jeans will reign supreme this year, that is, jeans with a wide leg that tapers at the very bottom. On top of this, the tip is often nonchalantly rolled up. Women have fallen in love with these pants, because you can create an endless variety of styles with them. In combination with stilettos and a jacket they look very elegant, but nothing prevents you from wearing them also with a T-shirt and sneakers.

This year, celebrities have fallen into the so-called logomania when it comes to pants. Many celebrities wear jeans with visible logos, often repeated in different places. Such a model can be found, for example, in Balenciaga’s offer, where on the blue jeans side by side we see a lot of logos, which written in an ornamental font and diagonally give quite an interesting effect.

The style of the years. 70s is back again

In the closets of fashion lovers can not miss also jeans in the style of the 70s. Trousers with a high waist, slightly flared leg returned to favor. Such a cut can already be seen in many styles of the most famous celebrities, they are worn by, among others, Victoria Beckham. How to wear them? They go well with loose jackets and oversize blouses.

Bells are also making a comeback

Bells have been trying to eliminate the competition for several seasons now. And there is a chance that they will reign this summer and supplant the popular tube pants. Pants with a flared leg and low rise will soon be a real hit. Add a short top or a tight T-shirt, a handbag in an intense summer shade and stilettos, and you’ll look amazing!

The most popular will be bells made of light blue denim. They can have different patterns painted or lace sewn on, if someone likes to stand out from the crowd. 

Denim bags are a real hit

Denim bags are currently on top of the market. Many designers even offer ones made from old jeans, and encourage people to make them themselves. This is important for the environment, especially since a lot of water, so precious nowadays, is used in the production of denim. The biggest hit will be the large bags on a thick denim belt-like handle. You can tuck a lot of different things into them.

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