Trekking shoes – what should they be like?

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Long trips to the mountains require proper preparation not only in terms of physical fitness, but also clothing. An important element that influences the comfort of the trip are proper trekking shoes. What should they be like?

Suitable for the time of year

The time when you plan to go trekking determines what kind of shoes you should wear. If you’re going in the autumn, make sure your boots are waterproof and provide adequate thermal comfort. In the summer, go for models that are made of lightweight, breathable materials.

Another important element is the type of sole – in wetlands, shoes with soles that minimize the risk of slipping will work well. Women’s trekking shoes of this type are available in many variants in both online and stationary stores, so you can easily find the perfect one for you.

Ensuring safety

In addition to preventing slipping, good trekking shoes need to fit your foot well so that it is immobilized. This way, not only will you not strain your foot, but you will also avoid possible abrasions. Also, make sure that the shoes are not too tight.You should be free to take your steps during the hike, especially in slightly more challenging terrain.

Women’s trekking shoes differ from men’s because they are a bit narrower in the toe area and the foot, so pay attention to this while shopping.


Manufacturers offer different types of membranes, but it’s important that your boots have one if you’re planning an expedition in fall or winter. On the other hand, membranes will also be better for holiday trips, so you can avoid overheating your foot.

Pay attention to the type of sole

A well-chosen sole significantly affects the comfort of your trek. Trekking shoes must have a sole that provides a stable grip. If you will be hiking in mountainous areas that are more physically demanding, choose a model with a hard sole. On the other hand, in low-lying areas, shoes with flexible soles will be a better option.

Shoe height

It might seem that how tall a shoe is is not significant. Nothing could be further from the truth. Low trekking shoes should be chosen when you plan to walk faster, e.g. in lowland areas.

High models are good for trekking in high mountains because they protect the foot better against injuries. This type of footwear is also recommended for beginners who do not have good technique yet.

Material of production

You can choose between leather and synthetic materials. If you don’t have much experience, choose models created from artificial materials, as leather shoes may be too heavy for you.

As you can see, there are many factors that you should consider when choosing shoes. If you are not sure which model will be the most optimal for the type of trekking you are planning, ask a salesperson for advice, who will surely give you the best solution.


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