Stilettos for everyday life – how to choose them?

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How many heeled shoes do you have in your closet that you hardly ever wear? Surely more than once you’ve bought a pair under the influence of emotions, and later it turned out that you have nothing to wear them with or they are not suitable for life on the run

There’s no denying it – there are shoes for big outings and there are those for everyday wear. The latter, in order not to land at the bottom of the closet and fall into oblivion, should meet several requirements. We have a handful of tips that will help you choose a new pair of stilettos and save you from another wrong purchase

Stilettos – love or necessity?

First of all, answer the question about the purpose of your new high-heeled shoes. Are you going to wear them only to work or rather in your free time? Or maybe you’re looking for a pair that works for both occasions? If you wear stilettos more often, you’re bound to add a new pair to your collection from time to time. But if you wear them out of necessity, you might want to get a pair that’s perfect for different occasions. For example, check out women’s shoes at, among which you will find many models perfect for everyday wear

Choose a versatile model

In case you are looking for heeled shoes that are versatile, bet on classic colors. Black or flesh-colored are elegant and go with everything. Choose a model that will go with different closet pieces of different lengths. The buckle around the ankle looks great with a dress or skirt, but it’s worse when paired with pants. Remember also that the more often you wear shoes, the faster they wear out. Models made of leather will stay beautiful for the longest time, even if they are worn often. They are the most resistant to dirt, mechanical damage or deformation.

Match your style

When choosing your everyday stilettos, think about what your style of dress is. If you’re a minimalist, you’re unlikely to wear rhinestones or flashy coloured models. On the other hand, if you like fashion experiments, plain black stilettos will get boring fast. In this case, allow yourself a little extravagance. There are certainly items in your closet that you wear more or less often. Slightly different shoes will go with women’s suits, others with dresses, and still others with jeans.

Take your lifestyle into consideration

If you decide to buy stilettos for everyday wear, you’ll probably wear them to work as well. When buying a new pair, be sure to consider the dress code of your profession. Before you buy, also consider what your day looks like. If you often go shopping after leaving the office and then to meet a friend, you’ll thank yourself for choosing a more comfortable pair. Also consider how you get around town. If you use a car – your own or an Uber – you can afford a higher heel. However, if you travel by public transportation, opt for a model with a lower heel

Don’t go overboard with the height

Let’s not kid ourselves, 14-centimeter stilettos are only worn day in and day out by Victoria Beckham. We still can’t believe how she does it. With life in high gear, it’s hard to walk in sky-high heels every day. Save those for special occasions, and for everyday styling, opt for 9s or 10s, which are much more comfortable and still sexy

Opt for comfort

An attractive look does not have to mean giving up comfort. Legs will optically lengthen not only shoes with a thin stiletto heel. You’ll also feel beautiful and confident in models with a thicker, more stable heel, which is definitely more suitable for your busy schedule. A great choice for everyday wear are stilettos with a platform, much more comfortable than those with a thin sole. Your feet will also get less tired in a model with a round nose, which cannot be said about the one with a spike.

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