How to extend the life of your cosmetics?

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Didn’t have time to use up a face cream you bought some time ago? Or maybe you bought a lipstick online, and in reality its shade looks completely different? Don’t worry, you don’t have to throw it away. Instead, give them a new life! We tell you how to do it.

Proven ways to give cosmetics a second life

How to use up an unused lipstick? It’s important to realise that an out-of-date lipstick can lose some of its valuable properties, such as its SPF. However, this does not mean that it will not moisturize your lips. This type of lipstick can be successfully used to moisturize the cuticles around your nails. Very often they are dry and protruding, which makes the hands do not look as aesthetically pleasing as they should. After softening cuticles with lipstick it is enough to remove them with a wooden stick. Regularly performing this procedure can effectively protect against excessive growth of cuticles. You can also use moisturizing lipstick as an eyelash conditioner. This is a proven way to stimulate their growth.

Every woman’s makeup bag contains at least a few colored lipsticks. What if the shade of one of them does not meet expectations and does not match our type of beauty? You can successfully use it as an eye shadow or blush. Just put a little bit of cosmetic on your finger and rub it. You can also mix the problematic lipstick with a different color of lipstick to create a new, unique shade. Another fun way to use up a misplaced lipstick is to add a small amount of it to a colorless lip balm to give it a subtle tint. It’s also a tried-and-true trick to lighten a lipstick that’s too dark and give it a more subtle hue.

What to do with a lip gloss which did not meet our expectations? You can use it as a face illuminator. A colorless lip gloss is perfect for softening cosmetics such as blush, eye shadow or eye pencil, making their application easier.

What to do with expired cosmetics?

A lot of people get rid of expired cosmetics for fear that they might harm their skin. Is that right? The effect of such products, yes, may not be the same, but it is worth leaving them and try to use them in a slightly different way. It is worth realizing that the fastest spoil those in the composition of which there is the greatest amount of water, and those that contain active ingredients, such as proteins. Cosmetics such as blush, eye shadow or face powder can be successfully used even for 3 years after purchase. How can you tell when a product has expired? It begins to change its consistency, color and smell, and water droplets begin to form on its surface. This is a sign that the cosmetic is not suitable for use.

How can we give a second life to expired products in our cosmetics bag? Face cream can be used to care for hands and feet. You can also apply it to the ends of your hair to protect them from splitting and damage. Body oil is excellent for lubricating dry areas such as knees and elbows. A few drops can be added to your bath water. What to do with expired conditioner or hair mask? They can be used as a shaving foam for your legs. Shampoo and shower gel can be used for washing brushes, washing delicate fabrics, mopping floors or washing curtains. You can use expired perfume to spray pillowcases or curtains.

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