A tasty and healthy breakfast is the basis of every day

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It has always been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although it should not be valued over the others, it is good to remember that how we start the day depends largely on how our body will function in the following hours. In the morning it needs a good dose of energy and a boost of energy

The magic of breakfast

Nutritionists say it all – you shouldn’t skip breakfast! But that doesn’t mean that if you eat what’s on hand on the run, you’ll give your body a good start to the day. A good breakfast is a healthy breakfast. One that gives you plenty of energy while avoiding hunger pangs. But does that have to mean boring, repetitive meals? On the contrary! You’re sure to have some tried and tested foods on your table first thing in the morning too – oatmeal, eggs, smoothies. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add variety. A healthy breakfast can mean a tasty breakfast. Find out how to prepare a meal full of valuable nutrients that will give you positive energy for the whole day. And if you don’t have an idea, time or desire to prepare breakfast, opt for nutritional muesli, like these on offer : https://onedaymore.pl/.

A filling combination of eggs and tomatoes

That’s what shakshuka is. While you may think it’s a laborious and complicated dish, it’s quite the opposite. Shakshuka is practically self-made – you just have to choose your favourite spices. The process itself is fabulously simple. You fry the chopped tomatoes (canned or fresh, but it’s good to remove the skin). The next step is to crack a few eggs into the pan and season the whole dish. Keep in mind that once the eggs are in the pan, the shakshuka should not be stirred. The preparation time is only a few minutes.

Salad full of energy

We take vegetables and fruits at breakfast in different forms. A smoothie, an addition to oatmeal or pancakes… The possibilities are truly endless. Although salad seems to be associated with later meals for most people, it contains everything we need first thing in the morning. The right dose of fibre and unsaturated fats will make you start the day full of energy, stimulating your body to work. What should be included in such a salad? Bet on various types of mixed salads, it is a perfect base. Kale is also a great option. Add tomatoes, cucumbers, shallots, For example, high quality olive oil can be used as unsaturated fats, but not only! Avocado or nuts will also work well in the dish, plus they will definitely enhance its flavor.

Disenchant buckwheat

If you’re one of those people who associate buckwheat groats with a dry dinner side dish, it’s definitely hard for you to imagine it in any other form. However, well-prepared buckwheat groats can delight in many ways – including as breakfast! However, it is important to buy buckwheat groats unroasted, that is, white. You can prepare buckwheat groats the same way you prepare oatmeal. Cook it with milk and dates (or other natural sweetener) and your favourite spices – cinnamon, cardamom or nutmeg. Cooked porridge will taste great with pecans, almonds or bananas. Add blueberries in the summer and plums or apples in the fall.

Interesting egg substitutes

Are you sick of eggs, even though you really like the taste of them? Or maybe you don’t eat them for health reasons or your own beliefs? That doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to their presence in your morning meals! The tofu pancake and eggless omelet are some of the greatest classics, and a source of nutrients at the same time. First, stock up on yeast flakes and black salt (also called kala namak). Once you have these two products, preparing tofu soup is fabulously easy. Just sauté the tofu with a tablespoon of flakes, salt it with black salt and your favorite spices. Then pour water over it so it can absorb it, creating a unique texture. Towards the end, you can add tomatoes, chives or other favorite ingredients. Tofu is a great source of protein that is being used in more and more interesting ways. You should try tofu scramble as a departure from standard scrambled eggs!

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