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Gel or hybrid – which to choose?

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Many of us choose to have our nails styled in a nail salon. This provides a guarantee of precise and highly aesthetic performance of the decoration and a lot of choice in the type of styling. So what should you choose to leave the salon satisfied?

Methods of gel and hybrid application

The application of a hybrid and gel manicure is very different. Gel application requires more time and definitely more skill, because it is necessary to work out an aesthetic C-curve, that is a nail arch starting at the cuticles and ending at the free edge of the nail. The application of gel styling also means greater interference in the nail plate and stronger filing. However, gel is perfect if you want to reshape your nail plate, for example by extending it, or if it is brittle and fragile. Placing a hybrid, on the other hand, doesn’t differ too much from applying a classic polish. All you need to do is to lightly mat the plate and the polish, together with base and top coat, is hardened in the lamp. That’s why if you invest in a UV lamp, you will be able to do your own hybrid styling at home. The website will help you choose the perfect shades of hybrid for the summer. Hybrid styling is ideal if you do not want to interfere too much with the shape of your nails and enjoy a long-lasting, non-chipping nail polish.

Durability of gel and hybrid stylizations

Both gel and hybrid manicures are much more durable than classic nail polish. But which one is better? When it comes to durability, the gel method certainly has the upper hand. It gives your nails exceptional durability and strength. Nail designs made with gel are resistant to long soaking and various mechanical damages. Such a styling will last on the nail for about 3-4 weeks. Hybrid creates a more flexible and thinner layer, which does not provide as much protection against breakage or chipping. A hybrid manicure lasts on your nails for 2-3 weeks.

Removing hybrid and gel styles

Refreshing a hybrid style involves removing it completely. You can do this by filing with a file or milling machine. Another method is to use acetone. A cotton swab soaked in the liquid is pressed against the nail plate for about 10-15 minutes until the hybrid begins to wrinkle and gently comes off. Your nails after removing the hybrid manicure should be in a similar condition to the initial one – no additional regeneration therapy of the plate will be necessary. However, in the case of gel styling, things get a little more complicated. In order to refresh the manicure, it is necessary to overbuild the grown part of the nail and model it again. In case of complete removal of the gel it is necessary to file the product off completely. This is usually associated with the need to regenerate the nail plate, which as a result of filing off the protective layer can be soft and brittle for some time.

So what to choose?

So which nail design should you opt for? If you want your nails to look more natural and do not need to regenerate the nail plate after the removal of the styling, hybrid is the perfect choice for you. However, if you want maximum durability, the possibility of extending the nail plate and numerous decorations, you should opt for a gel manicure. The most interesting and fashionable nails for this summer season are undoubtedly those with decorations in abstract patterns and clouds, as well as a colorful variation of the classic french.

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