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How do you pack for a vacation if you have to fit in carry-on luggage?

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Traveling with only carry-on luggage is becoming increasingly popular. Although it seems impossible to pack all your essentials in a suitcase, it is feasible we just have to remember a few rules

Going on vacation without a large suitcase or a bag, which is checked baggage, seems unthinkable to some people. For others, however, traveling with just a small carry-on bag is the best option and there is nothing strange about that. By taking one piece of luggage, you not only get rid of unnecessary weight and save money, but you also realize that you can actually pack for your vacation in a much smaller suitcase. However, no one likes to realize on the spot that they forgot to take something really important from home. So how do you avoid making mistakes while packing and make sure you don’t forget anything?


While making lists may seem old-fashioned to some, sometimes it’s a lifesaver – literally! Before you start packing, make a detailed list of the things that you absolutely must include in your suitcase. Don’t forget essential documents and medications that you take regularly. A first aid kit is also an important item on the list – it doesn’t have to be very large in order not to take up too much space, but make sure it has everything you might need, including hygiene products and plasters. Remember about prescription medications that you may not be able to get abroad. Also, make sure you don’t need a plug adapter in the country you’re flying to.


Remember the limit for carrying liquids in hand luggage – it is only 100 ml. Plan wisely what cosmetics and possible beverages you will take – no one wants to throw away the contents of their cosmetics bag at the airport. This can be helped by compact travel-sized versions of cosmetics, which usually last for several uses and are ideal for vacations. A good idea is also to use small containers, into which we can pour our home cosmetics. You should also remember about the transparent string bag, into which we have to put all the liquids that we transport. It is worth bearing in mind that, unlike some medicines, most cosmetics can be bought on the spot if necessary – sometimes it is not worth wasting space in the suitcase for another cream


The best way to pack your clothes is the well-known trick of rolling them – this will save a lot of space in your suitcase. And what clothes to pack? Definitely the universal ones. Don’t take the ones you’re not sure if you’ll wear at all, or the ones you don’t actually wear, but might come in handy. Let’s take those that are proven and comfortable. It seems difficult, but it is possible! Don’t overdo it with the shoes either – usually 2-3 pairs will be enough, including the ones you will be travelling in. Another proven trick when packing clothes is to wear “onions” for the time of the trip – it may not seem the most comfortable solution, but it will free up some space in your suitcase. Remember to always check the weather! Even in the hottest summer, it can rain – be prepared for that and take a rain jacket, which takes up very little space and is lightweight

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