How to prepare for a roadtrip with girlfriends?

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Car trips, especially those in a group of women, are a great way to spend free time. However, it is worth preparing for them properly. We suggest what can come in handy during a roadtrip with girlfriends.

Do you have a free long weekend and together with your girlfriends you are wondering what to do with a few days of your vacation? Maybe you should consider a roadtrip. Such trips are a great way to spend time together as a group of girlfriends and a great opportunity to visit many interesting places. We suggest how to prepare for such a trip.

Why is it worth it?

Let’s start with why you should decide to go on a roadtrip. The reason is very simple – this way of spending free time gives a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. Despite the fact that Polish translation (meaning simply travel by car) is rather lacking in magic, you can be sure that such a car trip gives you a wonderful sense of freedom and many opportunities to discover new, beautiful places. You’ll feel like the star of a real American road movie on such a multi-day roadtrip. What’s more, you will spend this time with your best girlfriends – what more do you want?

How to prepare for such a trip?

Although a roadtrip is all about freedom and fun, it’s worth at least a little preparation. The most important element to think about before you leave is the main star of the whole trip, the car. Consider whether you will take the car of one of you, or whether you prefer to rent a slightly larger model from a rental agency in your city. Also think about who will be the driver and whether you want to change from time to time

Planning all this beforehand will save you some time on the road. You should also think about the route of the trip. Although you may deviate from the route in favor of interesting places and beautiful landscapes, it is worth having at least a small indication on the map where you want to go. This way you won’t miss any interesting places. Plan your stops and sightseeing places wisely. You should also book accommodation well in advance if you are planning a several-day roadtrip.

What to take with you?

Car equipment

When going on a long road trip, remember to bring some useful car accessories such as a car charger, navigation, inverter, battery cables, and various brushes and sweepings to sweep up both the inside of the car and, for example, leaves from the windows. And, of course, don’t forget to take all your operating fluids in the trunk.

Life on the road

Roadtrip is all about life on the road, so it’s a good idea to bring along a few useful items to make it a little easier. Above all, take along lots of your favorite CDs – after all, there is nothing more enjoyable than listening to music together and singing along in the car. Take along a variety of thermoses and containers for food. Basic camping supplies such as flashlights and pocket knives can also be useful.

Hygiene items

Hygiene items such as paper, wet wipes, antibacterial gel, and toiletries in small travel bottles are also useful. Don’t forget your sunscreen as well.

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