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Hair extensions – ways to make them look natural

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I guess every one of us dreams of having long, beautiful hair. Not all of us are able to grow our hair as long as we would like. However, there are ways to lengthen hair, which give a natural effect.

Longer Hair with Wigs

The easiest way to get longer, shinier hair is with wigs. With the right wig, you will be able to enjoy the hair you dream of. This solution gives you a whole range of options when it comes to hair length and even color.

There are different types of wigs – synthetic, natural hair or toppers. To choose the right one for you, visit an online wig store and find a wig that meets your requirements.


A slightly more complicated way to extend your hair is to use keratin. Using a special device, artificial strands are attached to the hair and the effect lasts up to 4 months. A heat gun or a special gun with keratin inserts work on the hair with high temperatures, using keratin, which is a natural building block of hair.

Sandwich method

A quick and very easy way to extend hair is the so-called sandwich method. The sandwich method consists in attaching your natural hair to a special strand of hair, which is attached to a tape at the roots. The tape is invisible and gives a natural result. This is also a good solution if you want to have thicker hair. The downside of this method is that it has to be repeated every few weeks.

Microring Method

Microrings are small rings, the thickness and diameter of which are matched to the hair. This method is harmless to hair as it does not require high temperature. You can enjoy the effect of microring hair extensions for about 3-4 months. The disadvantage is that the rings can be felt on the hair.

Ultrasonic hair extensions

Thanks to special waves that implant artificial strands into our natural hair, the effect of this method can last up to six months. On the plus side, no heat is used in this method. Thanks to ultrasound, the connection between the hair and the hairpieces is not visible and you can enjoy a natural result.

Laser method

Another method that will give you a permanent result is laser hair extensions. Unfortunately, this is also one of the most expensive methods. However, it is such a subtle combination of natural and synthetic hair that it is almost unnoticeable to the naked eye. The effects last up to 6 months.


A good option for people who are not interested in permanent extensions is the clip-on method. Thanks to artificial strands on a tape, which you can attach to your natural hair yourself with clip-ons, you will be able to rave about your long hair. This method is only temporary, but the great advantage of clip-on extensions is that you can use them many times.

The injection method

This is a very advanced yet non-invasive method. Individual hairs are injected into a base that mimics the skin. The complementary hairs are of natural origin, and the big plus is that they style like our own. This method is especially recommended for people who are struggling with baldness.

Mesh Hair Extensions

This solution also works well for those who are experiencing baldness. Natural hair is attached to the mesh and the whole thing is attached with clips. The effect is so discreet that you don’t have to worry about anyone noticing the difference between your hair and the attached hair.

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