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Why choose a beauty bed for your cosmetic salon?

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Lash services are sweeping the globe. As a lash artist, you should know all there is to know about eyelash extensions. If you’re just starting out in the lash business, you should know that buying a lash or beauty bed and pillow will be one of the most significant investments you’ll make in your studio.

What is an eyelash bed?

Beauty beds are one of the most essential things in your lash studio, and they will probably be the most expensive thing you buy for your salon. But they are important if you want your customers to feel at ease. They look like portable massage beds or massage tables that your client can lie down on, so they are at the right height for you to do lash services and apply the lash extensions.

Most of the time, these beauty beds are made to look like massage beds and have a memory foam topper to make your client feel comfortable. Also, they usually come with a cover that can be taken off and washed. If not, you will need to buy a cover for the lash bed to keep it clean and a pillow for the beauty bed.

Lash pillows are made to give your clients the right amount of support for their necks to ease any neck pain and keep them in the correct position for you to apply beautiful lashes. Lash beds are also often adjustable so that they can be raised or lowered depending on the appointment or service you are giving. This can also make you more comfortable, depending on how high you like the bed to be when applying lashes or lash treatments.

When your lash bed and pillow are comfortable, clients often find it so relaxing that they fall asleep while their eyes are being taken care of. This is called the “perfect lash nap.” However, when you’re looking for the right beauty bed and pillows for your studio, there are a lot of things to think about, and there are so many options that it can be hard to know where to start.

How to Choose a Lash Bed?

When choosing your own lash bed and lash pillow, you need to think about many different things. You’ll need to think about things like comfort, durability, price, and more. We would also suggest that you use a beauty bed cover or a memory foam lash bed topper to make sure your client is comfortable. We all know how long those lash extension appointments can be! So, here are the good and bad things about a lash bed.

Beauty beds for lash extensions – Advantages

  • When they are folded up, they are both small and light.
  • They are durable and capable of holding huge weights.
  • They are super easy to clean.
  • They can be adjusted.

Beauty beds for lash extensions – Disadvantages

  • The lower height can make it hard for the lash artist to do their job.
  • After a while, the flat design can start to bother the client.
  • Limits on what the artist can do.

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